Austin, Texas (March Bachelorette- Day 2)

Sunday was another busy day in Austin!

One of my sister’s requests for her weekend was to have at least one workout class. I did a ton of research trying to find the perfect, unique class. There were lots of cycling and CrossFit classes, but I was determined to find something totally unique!

I think I succeeded πŸ˜‰

We booked spots at a place called City Surf Fitness. Most of the workout takes place on a surfboard atop three balls. The board moves, so in addition to a tough workout, you’re also struggling to maintain balance. It was awesome!

We were all pretty drenched by the end of the workout, but half our group ended up trying to convince the guy leading the class to open one of these gyms in Charleston!

We were starving at this point, so after a tough workout, it only makes sense to have brunch. I had originally wanted to take everyone to Snooze, but they don’t take reservations. I kept it as an option but also made back-up reservations at Stella San Jac. Everyone voted for just waiting at Snooze because the descriptions of pancakes were just too delicious to pass up.

We moved over to a food truck/trailer called Picnik as we waited and got butter coffee (yes, you read that correctly) and huddled up to the heaters. I got a vanilla latte that was super delicious.

But now, pancakes! Snooze offers a pancake flight which is great because I hate making decisions! From top to bottom, sweet cannoli cake, sweet potato, and blueberry danish. So good, y’all!

Once we were stuffed, we headed back to the condo for cold showers (see my previous post for a lodging rant) and bachelorette party games! My friend Corrine made an adorable Jeopardy board that we used for a “how well do you know the groom” game.

After some games and relaxing, it was time to get fancied up. Since Austin is laid back and relaxed (and since it was super cold that weekend), we went with layers rather than skimpy dresses.

I made reservations at Roaring Fork for our going out night. The restaurant felt super Texas-y with antler chandeliers, brick, and a warm, roaring fire. Our waiter was super nice and even brought my sister a dessert of her choice since it was her celebration weekend!

After dinner we had reservations at The Roosevelt Room, which is a swanky cocktail bar with a giant cocktail menu that features popular cocktails from several different eras. My Mai Tai was delicious! You can always tell the difference between a really well-crafted cocktail and the stuff they throw together at a regular bar.

When everyone finished their drinks, it was time to kick it up a notch. I was going to take us to a country bar on 6th Street, but I think everyone was nervous about heading to what is known as “Dirty 6th,” so we headed in the direction of W 6th where we had visited the night before on the Pubcrawler.

It was a Sunday night and freezing outside, so I got super nervous when we walked in to the first bar and WERE THE ONLY ONES THERE. As the planner for the weekend, I was in full panic mode. After a few awkward minutes there, we ran across the street back to the Green Light Social (the place from the night before with adult Capri Suns), and thank goodness, there were many other humans there.

We spent the whole night at Green Light, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely recommend the Capri Sun or the pineapple drink (no clue what it’s called).

And that’s it, folks! The next post is a little more low-key but still includes great spots that you need to visit in Austin!

What are your favorite Austin spots? I definitely plan on visiting again, so I’d love to know where else I need to go!

Itinerary Day 2
Workout class at City Surf Fitness
Brunch at Snooze: an AM Eatery
Laid back afternoon at the condo with games and beverages
Dinner at Roaring Fork
Cocktails at The Roosevelt Room
Go where our hearts lead us on 6th Street


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  2. Rosemary says:

    Austin is such a great city. I was there in August and had a lot of fun exploring the sights. Can’t believe you were cold. We were sweating up a storm in August. You are right about Dirty 6th…it was kind of a mess. Sound like you had ball. Congrats to your sister on her upcoming wedding!


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