Welcome to Biscotti and a Ph.D.! I’m Autumn, and that cute little pile of fur at the top is Biscotti! My main job is teaching English at a small, public university in North Carolina, but I also love clothes, eating, and traveling. I’m still set in my graduate school ways and make sure that my clothing, eating, and traveling is wallet-friendly. I’m all about finding coupons, rewards programs, and sales to maximize my spending. This blog is a way of sharing my favorite brands, foods, and travel locations, and of course is focused on making sure those things are budget-friendly!

The title of the blog is partly in honor of the lady who runs our family, Biscotti the Scottish Terrier, who was by my side during the hardest parts of grad school!

In addition to describing what this blog is, I think it’s important to talk about what this blog is not. This blog is not about perfection. We get bombarded with false representations of perfection all day, every day, so this is a space to embrace the messy! A lot of my pictures are just real-life moments, and even though my goal is to bring you quality information, it’s also fun to laugh (or cringe!) at the times, outfits, and doughnuts (I eat a lot of doughnuts…) that aren’t staged or retaken fifty times.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting this fun adventure!


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