Four Friday Favorites

Happy first Friday of the new year!

I’m terrible at New Year resolutions and rarely make them, but I hope to be a bit better about consistently posting on the blog this year. I was dedicating a lot of time to Instagram, but I’ve tried to step away from that platform a bit in the last month, and honestly, life is better.

A new thing I’d like to do on the blog is Four Friday Favorites where I share four things that I’m really loving. Rather than doing it weekly, my goal for these posts are every other week. I figured that would be more realistic than weekly. So here goes!

I Hate It But I Love It Podcast

I LOVE this podcast. The highlight of my day is going for a walk and turning on an episode. If you haven’t heard of I Hate It But I Love It, it’s a Canadian podcast where the two hosts, Kat and Jocelyn, discuss movies and tv shows that they simultaneously hate and love.

I can’t remember if I discovered this podcast in late 2020 or early 2021 (what even is time anymore?), but the English professor in me loves that they actually analyze the movies in addition to having hilarious commentary. I’m sure many people in my town think I’m bonkers because I’m always laughing out loud on my solo walk.

I have a list of all the movies/shows/episodes, and I’m actually going through and watching *almost* everything they’ve made an episode about. Yep, I even watched Jupiter Ascending.

Kat and Jocelyn, if you ever see this, please let me be your American best friend!

The Antiquarian Sticker Book

My friend gifted me this sticker book for my birthday, and it is so gloriously weird.

There are some really beautiful stickers, too, but my favorite thing is flipping through and finding the most random image (see below, especially the pickle). I love using these in my planner!

If you’re into stickers, weirdness, and/or Victorian-style images, I highly recommend grabbing The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia.

Effin’ Birds

If you have never heard of or seen Effin’ Birds, you are truly missing out. It’s a comic, of sorts, with lovely drawings of birds…and very snarky sayings. You can get calendars, mugs, all kinds of shirts, tote bags, all with birds saying things that you probably wish you could say to other people 🙂

This was the 2021 calendar, and it was a delight.

If you’re not into “dirty words,” then Effin’ Birds might not be for you – just a warning!

Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack

Described on the label as “a seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur & Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey,” the Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack is delicious for sipping on a cold night. We don’t get many of those in my part of North Carolina, so if you have snow and a snuggly fire, 1) I’m super jealous of you, and 2) get some of this and pretend like you’re on vacation at a fabulous ski resort (can you tell I really want to start traveling again?).

And those are my favorite four things on this Friday! What are you loving this week? Let me know in the comments, and have a great weekend!

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