Four Friday Favorites – Amazon Edition

Whew, y’all, what a week it’s been! We had some ice on Sunday that knocked out our power for about 24 hours, then on Monday night we were t-boned by a woman not paying attention, and then Wednesday was the first day of school (and what a mess it is already).

So, I’m for sure ready for some Friday Favorites!

Today’s Four Friday Favorites are some of my latest goodies from Amazon.

Sweater Dress

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of sweaters. It’s usually too hot around here to wear them, but my biggest problem is how itchy they can be. I figured I’d give this sweater dress a try, totally expecting it to be uncomfortable and itchy, but I was so surprised at how soft it is!

This sweater dress comes in over 20 colors(!). I chose my normal size medium, and I loved the fit. I don’t like for my clothes to fit tight, but if you prefer that, maybe size down. I’m wearing the apricot color, but it’s an off-white.

I highly recommend this one if you want something casual or good for work, but still want to feel snuggly.

Asymmetrical Blouse

I. Love. This. Blouse. I thought this would be one of those “hot mess Amazon disasters,” but I loved it as soon as I pulled it out of the box, and it was comfortable to wear, too!

The lantern sleeves and asymmetrical hem make the blouse unique and interesting, but the color is fantastic! It’s called “rose-red,” but it’s definitely a hot pink. It also comes in 14 other colors, and I’m also wearing a medium in this piece.

Tiered Babydoll Dress

It has pockets. That’s all you need to know.

I’m kidding! But seriously, pockets are always a plus, right? This was another surprise favorite. Sometimes material from Amazon can be a bit sketchy, but this one actually felt like cotton and had a good, comfortable fit. I also ordered this in a medium, and the color is “white floral.” If you’re not a floral fan, it comes in solid colors or even a leopard.

Babydoll dresses can sometimes be too short, but I thought this was a perfect length (I’m 5’4, for reference). This is a perfect casual dress, but it’s also something I could wear to teach in.

Sperry Saltwater Heel Rain Boot

These duck boots were yet another fun surprise! I wanted to try them because they felt a little out of my comfort zone – who expects duck boots to have heels?

They were actually pretty comfortable, and I was really shocked about how much my husband liked them. I thought he would think they were silly since they had heels, but he kept commenting on how much he liked them. I ordered my regular size 9, and they fit well, even with thicker socks.

I don’t think I’d recommend them for duck hunting, but they’re cute for everyday wear!

Which one is your favorite? Have you discovered any good Amazon finds lately? Let me know in the comments, and have a great (and safe!) weekend!

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