Gettin’ Weird in Austin (March Bachelorette Party – Day 1)

Austin, Texas is just one of those cities that looks like a ton of fun. If you Google ‘bachelorette destinations’, it’s also at the top of many of those lists. Since I’d never been (and wanted to go!), I planned my sister’s bachelorette party and picked Austin as our party destination.

When I was trying to plan our itinerary, I searched Google for Austin bachelorette itineraries and found some of those itineraries and posts really helpful, so I’m posting our full schedule from day one at the bottom in case somebody out there is planning a future bachelorette party in Austin, or if someone is visiting! I’m also writing a post for each day so the pictures and information doesn’t get overwhelming.

We all arrived on Saturday morning. Our group from Charleston got there around 10am and then my Raleigh crew arrived around 11. Before I continue with the good stuff, here’s the bad…

Lodging Rant: unfortunately, the place we were staying at on South Lakeshore that I booked on HomeAway wasn’t great at communicating – I had messaged the property owner about a month before our stay to request an early check-in and late check-out since our flight schedules were so crazy. He said they’d try to accommodate, but it was too early at that point. Totally reasonable. I still hadn’t heard anything the day before (and had checked the calendar to see that no one had the place booked before or after us), so I messaged the owner on the app. I still haven’t gotten a reply from him (a week later…not even an apology for not responding). One person in the group called the property manager, but no one picked up. I also emailed the property manager and didn’t get a response until the next day. The Charleston group went to a restaurant with their bags and sat there for two hours until we got there. Luckily, we had a rental car and stuffed all our luggage in it until we could check in at 3. The property manager, when he finally responded, said they couldn’t do a late check out, but we could have 15-20 extra minutes. Gee, thanks. We ended up having to pay $24 dollars at the Visitor’s Center for them to store our bags (which I was grateful for since I was completely panicked over what to do with them until 4pm). ALSO – we had seven women and although there was totally enough room, the hot water ran out after one shower (a brief one). Seriously. We had to space showers out and wait about 30 minutes between showers, and even doing that didn’t guarantee warm water. I emailed to ask about the water heater, and the property manager ignored that in both of his replies. I’m still waiting on my refundable deposit. If you’re visiting Austin and want to avoid this place, just comment or email me, and I’ll happily share the location.

BUT THERE WAS SO MUCH GOOD IN THIS TRIP! Our first stop was at Torchy’s Tacos, a must-visit in the Austin area for tacos! The line was huge when we got there, but one of our ladies got in line and ordered for everyone while the others saved a table until we got there.

If y’all visit Torchy’s, you have to get some queso!


After lunch we did a little walking even though it was kind of misting and super cold (apparently another stupid Polar Vortex was making its way through the country and we had a FRIGID weekend). First, we stopped at the “Greetings from Austin” mural to get our perfect Instagram photo. Next, we stopped for dessert at Churro Company food truck which was delicious…and one person in our group had churros for the first time! After dessert, we crossed the street for a photo-op with Tupac, and then we walked to South Congress for a not-so-quick pic with Willie Nelson (I totally set up my tripod for that one).

I recommend saving a bit of time for exploring South Congress. There are so many stores and restaurants and food trucks, and I had so much stuff jam-packed into our day that we didn’t get to enjoy this part of Austin.

By the time we finished our mural visiting, it was time to check in to our condo, but not before we each took a turn on one of the Bird scooters that you can find ALL over the city.

I thought we’d have some time for a quick nap, but I had us do a little too much walking, so everyone did a super quick change into our bachelorette party shirts (made by my friend, Corrine!) and we packed back up to head to a private karaoke room at The Highball!

Y’all, that was so much fun. They have seven different themed rooms that you can book privately for your group (some are super creepy, others are very glittery). A server will come and take orders for drinks and food, and then you just queue up the machine and sing your hearts out. My sister and I are probably going on tour with our version of Garth Brooks’ “Callin’ Baton Rouge.” Our group was super chill and got along really well, but this helped even more getting everyone relaxed and in party mode!

And even though all of us had been up since 3 or 4, our next stop was downtown to find some food and then board our Pubcrawler! We needed something fast, so we all just opted to go in the Whole Foods (which is the flagship store, so that’s kind of cool to say you’ve been in). And then it was time to pedal!

We took a case of Austin Eastcider and some sparkling spiked seltzer for during the pedaling, and then we bought drinks at each stop. Our guide, Katy (I hope that’s how she spells it…), was AMAZING and HILARIOUS. She was the perfect guide for our group!

Our first stop was The Tiniest Bar in Texas. I bet this place is nuts when it’s warmer, but there were about 20 people in the tent they had set up with heaters, and there was room for about two or three people actually inside the bar.

Our next stop was on W 4th Street. We had the option to visit around 10 different bars, so we let our bachelorette choose, and she steered us into a snazzy little place called Academia (I felt right at home with the books they were using for receipt holders!). The drinks were really tasty, too! We had about 20 minutes here before we had to be back on the Pubcrawler.

Our final stop was on W 6th Street. 6th Street is notorious for being the party street in Austin, but our guide told us that W 6th is where the thirty-something crowd goes and pukes in the actual toilets – the classy side. She took a group photo of us at the Howdy Austin! sign and then we had the option of choosing from around 20 bars to visit. There were some fun joints, but we picked Green Light Social because they had adult Capri-Suns!

The last leg of our Pubcrawl was challenging because we went up several hills, but we made it, burning legs and all, and we were still singing at the top of our lungs when we reached the end!

And then it was bedtime! It’s still hard to believe we did all that in one day, especially because of how long we had been up! Stay tuned for all the fun we had on our second day in Austin!

Itinerary for Day 1

Arrivals – 10am and 11am

Lunch at Torchy’s Tacos

Walk around and take photos around the area (Greetings from Austin mural, Tupac mural, and Willie Nelson for President mural)

Dessert at Churro Co.

Check in at condo

Private karaoke at The Highball (2 hours)

Grab food (original plan was at The Picnic food truck park, but we went to Whole Foods downtown because of time)




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  2. janna says:

    looks like a fun girls trip! I’ve been to Torchy’s – I know people love but I guess being from LA I’m spoiled by having amazing tacos easily accessible.


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  5. Tessa Christianson says:

    This looks like SO much fun!! I have been looking for a great place to check out for a bachelorette party and this just went to the top of my list.


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