Austin, Texas Bachelorette (Final Day!)

Tuesday was our last day in Austin, and we still had so many things to do! I knew we’d be eating a ton on this trip, so I figured another workout class might be a good idea.

The indoor surfboards were out of our comfort zone, but not as much as this…

I can’t even remember how I stumbled across Ballet Austin, but when I saw that they offered fitness classes, I knew we had to give it a go!

Power Dance was available on Tuesday morning, and I signed us up! It’s only $5 for your first class there which is a great price for a one hour workout.

We arrived and were greeted by some extremely friendly people at the front desk. We made our way up to the dance studio and started stretching. We were both pretty nervous about the class because neither of us are dancers and we definitely don’t pretend to be. But everyone was super nice and even though there was a ton of choreography with each song, we did the best we could, and when I couldn’t keep up with everything I had to do with my arms and feet, I just made stuff up!

The instructor was pouring sweat, and I think we would’ve been sweatier if we’d actually known the choreography. Nevertheless, it was a fun and, to be honest, hilarious experience. I’d love (or maybe not) to see a video of us during the class. I actually wish I could remember some of the dance moves for when I have a dance party in my kitchen 🙂

Since our HomeAway location didn’t let us have any additional time for check-out (hear about our experience with that property here), we rushed back to the condo, showered really fast (and even though we were given an extra 15-20 minutes [eyeroll] the cleaning lady was already beating on the door and I had to explain our situation while still in a towel). I ended up not even drying my hair, and considering it was about 36 degrees that day, I’m shocked I didn’t end up sick.

ANYWAY. I had planned for us to stop at Austin Java for coffee, but after we walked all the way there from the visitor center, we arrived to a closed sign and maintenance people inside. I could’ve cried.

At least Willie Nelson was there to soothe our tears.

Luckily, my sister steered us towards Jo’s Coffee where we snagged some drinks to keep us warm (the peanut butter mocha was so good, y’all!). Since it was so late in the morning, my sister asked for tacos instead of the acai bowls that we had originally planned. The closest taco place was on 6th (back where we had visited the Academia bar from this post) called Chispas.


I had a pork belly and chicken mole taco (below); my sister had the duck confit (probably the best one) and the brisket – she definitely won the day.

After our taco lunch, we made our way to the Texas Capitol for some touring. We skipped on the first regular tour in order to take the “Heroes of the Texas Revolution” tour. That was a mistake.

Y’all – I’m still laughing like crazy when I think of the chaos of our tour. I would give so much money to have pictures of our faces. It was just the two of us and another young woman, plus our tour guide. That woman was a mess – she was all over the place, and I don’t think she ever actually finished telling us a single story. My sister and I aren’t known for keeping straight faces, and I looked at my sister at one point (the poor woman was trying to find a picture on her iPad and was failing hardcore…I’m not sure that she really knew how to use it) and it took everything in me to not laugh at her facial expression.

It made for so much laughter on our way back to the visitor’s center to pick up our luggage. And I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but it really was the biggest mess of a tour I’ve ever encountered.

Despite the tour, the building was really pretty to see and explore in the short amount of time we had. It was also a fascinating mixture of people – there was one person dressed as a giant toilet. I didn’t ask questions.

During our “tour” we got to go in the House of Representatives chamber, which looked super fancy and important.


My flight from Austin stopped in Nashville, but I didn’t have to change planes. But since I wasn’t getting off the plane, I didn’t have a chance to grab anything for dinner. Thanks to Voodoo Doughnuts, I had a leftover Old Dirty Bastard (yes, that’s really the name of it) that I had shoved in my purse. It was over a day old, and still absolutely delicious.

And that’s all, folks! It was such a fun trip to Austin, and we’re both already looking forward to our next visit. I can’t wait to take my husband there because I think he’d love it, and there’s so much to do that I feel like I haven’t even skimmed the surface!

What are your favorite things to do and eat in Austin? Do you have a favorite city that you will never get tired of visiting?

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