Review – L’Oreal Rouge Signature Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick

I love the look of a matte lipstick, so I was so excited when Influenster sent me the L’Oréal Rouge Signature Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick VoxBox to try out these new lippies!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
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Like I said, I love how a matte lipstick looks, but with that look often comes the sacrifice of having dried out lips which I HATE. And because the mattes I’ve tried usually dry out my lips, I rarely wear them despite loving the look and colors.

Influenster sent three different colors of the new L’Oreal Paris Matte Liquid Lipstick to try: a nude (I Create) a pinkish color (I Rule) and a red (I Am Worth It). And how awesome are those names?! So empowering, which I definitely appreciate!

What’s also unique about these lippies is that they’re liquid rather than the solid stick we usually think of with lipstick. They go on like a gloss but have a “precision applicator” (a slanted applicator rather than the straight applicator that most glosses come with) and then as they dry the matte finish really shows up. The best part about these lipsticks is that they don’t suck all the moisture out of your lips!

From top to bottom: I Create | I Am Worth It | I Rule

The nude color, I Create, is one that I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of because it basically goes with everything, and I frequently like to drama-up the eyes which means I need a calm lip. I did notice that the color gets a bit more peach as the color settles but because it’s still pretty neutral, I’m good with that.

The pink lippie, I Rule, is probably my favorite because I tend to reach for a pink lip quite often. This one gets a little darker and pinker as the day goes on, and I’ve noticed that the color looks different when you’re outside versus inside.

The bright red is called I Am Worth It, which is such a great name for a lipstick. I had to remember that after I put it on because I wasn’t prepared for how bold and bright it would be! It seems like every time I put a bold lipstick on I immediately panic and completely second guess my ability to pull it off which is so silly. Put that bold lip on and rock everybody’s world! Head high, friends!

I did end up with this one all over my teeth before it dried, so make sure you have a mirror handy before you head out. It’s also VERY long-lasting. It was still going strong after I ate lunch and had chugged an entire bottle of water.

The only negative to this one is that as the day goes on, it actually kind of turns into a hot pink. However, the color was still there even after I spent over an hour at the gym (and stayed in place better than my mascara and eyeliner)!

Overall, I highly recommend these lipsticks! There are twelve colors (all with great names), and I can’t wait to get the one called I Empower!

How do you like matte lipsticks? Have you tried these matte liquid lipsticks or do you have a favorite matte lip that I need to try? Let me know in the comments!

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