Bridin’ Dirty + Miami Food Tour

The main topic of this post will probably surprise you. It’s food.

Not surprised? Yeah, I really didn’t think y’all would be…

Everybody picked a different activity for the long weekend of my bachelorette party, which I thought was a really fun idea and a great way to share the planning between them! If you missed the first two posts, be sure to see them here and here!

But before I get to the food tour, there’s so much more to show off! The night before we did the Halloween pub crawl, so breakfast was definitely required the next morning!

How cute are these bachelorette party shirts that Em ordered us??

The previous pic is so terrible of me, but I had to show off our adorable shirts!

We had reservations at The Foxy Brown for brunch! If you’re a sweet breakfast lover, this is definitely a place for you!

My sister ordered French toast. The menu is showing the only French toast as white chocolate chip, so I’m not sure if this was a special or is, in fact, the white chocolate chip French toast.

I’m also not super sure about this one, but it’s either the hangar steak hash or the short rib Benedict. This is why it’s so important to write down what you eat in addition to taking pictures! 😬

I, in true Autumn fashion, ordered the s’mores waffle, topped with delicious Nutella, toasted marshmallow cream (I can eat that stuff out of the container), and graham crackers. So good!

And also in true “us” fashion, we absolutely ordered the fried doughnut holes with cereal milk that were on the menu.


After breakfast, it was back to the house for some more pool time and bachelorette games! Corrine made this adorable Jeopardy game, which was so much fun to play! Is it weird that I knew John’s man crush but was absolutely bumfuzzled over his celebrity female crush?!

I know I keep saying in each of these posts how great these women are, but I wholeheartedly believe that and know how lucky I am to have them in my life. I also kind of wish we had gone with our idea of just staying at this house, giving up our jobs, and floating in the pool all day 🤷🏻‍♀️

That evening we all loaded into the car and drove down to Miami for our food tour! It poured rain the whole way there (Em, you were such a trooper driving in that!), but thankfully it stopped until we got to our last stop on the tour.

Our meeting spot and first stop on the tour was at David’s Cafe Cafecito.

The only people on the tour was our group and a couple from Germany. Our tour guide was also from Europe and was such a good time! It was fascinating to hear the history of Miami because that’s an area I’m just not very familiar with. As he went through the history, the restaurant provided us with cafe Cubano (or cafecito) which was incredibly delicious and is something I wish I could get in North Carolina!

They also brought us a Cuban sandwich, which is another dish that’s popular at this stop. Look at the size of this sandwich! And this was only the first stop!

Our tour guide also went through a huge list of celebrities who make stops at David’s when they’re visiting Miami. Apparently there’s a really big chance of seeing someone famous while you’re there!

After we all finished our sandwiches and coffee, it was time to move on to our second stop. We walked about twenty minutes up the street to Panizza Bistro and were treated to empanadas!

They have nine different empanada options on their menu. I tried the beef and the chicken and they were both amazing!

The restaurant is small, but it’s super cozy. We had a little section at the front with a window seat, which was perfect for people watching while chowing down.

After empanadas, we took a stroll down Lincoln Road where there are a ton of shops, especially high end, expensive ones! Even though the walkways were wet and there weren’t a lot of people around due to the weather, it was a really beautiful place and was a really enjoyable walk!

Our guide was telling us about the 24,000 square foot H&M in the historic Lincoln Theatre and took us over so we could see how huge the store was. It also had a gigantic screen inside and really was an impressive (and overwhelming) space.

We finally arrived at our next stop, and I’ll be honest, I think we were a little confused and surprised when we stopped at Al Basha Grill (see below).

BUT, to be fair, they were soooo nice and we all freaked out when they put a FULL PLATE of food in front of us. Gyro meat, falafel, babaganoush, hummus and pita, it was all there, and was delicious! And I’m so disappointed (and shocked) that out of all four of us, no one took a picture of the food here!

Luckily for our bellies, our next stop was a small sample with a drink. We were sitting out on the patio but then it started raining again, so we all ran for a table inside. But as you can tell from the picture below, this section of Miami was so cute!

And y’all. None of us had a picture with the name of this restaurant, and if you only knew how long it took me to track this place down, you’d think I had no life (hey, it’s better than grading!). I squealed when I finally found it because I was starting to think I’d have to give up…

But it’s Boteco Copacabana! Their specialty is Brazilian food and I actually really enjoyed what they let us try! I think some of the others weren’t quite as enthused…

We had Coxinha de Frango, which are chicken croquettes (little fried balls of shredded chicken and cattupiry cheese). We also had a glass of cashew juice! It took me a sip or two to get into it, but it definitely grew on me and seemed to also have some pineapple juice in it? Definitely interesting!

Our last stop was for dessert, and we still laugh about this one. Our guide was really selling a tres leche cake and even offered to go pick it up and bring it to our current location. We should’ve taken advantage of that offer because it started pouring rain. We thought we were going to another restaurant…but then he stopped outside a real shady grocery store/bodega and came out with packaged cakes. We were cracking up as we ate these things on the sidewalk in the pouring rain. Definitely a memory!

The grocery store was our last stop. We had no idea where we were at this point, but our guide was kind enough to walk us back to the first stop on the tour which was right next to where we had parked. And what perfect timing! Our parking had just expired and we beat the towing guy to our guy by about 20 seconds! But don’t worry…we got payback for our good luck (stay tuned for the next post!).

We highly recommend a food tour if you’re visiting Miami! We had a blast and learned so much about the food AND the city’s history!

Have you been on a food tour in any city before? I LOVE food recommendations, so drop your favorite spots in the comments, so I can add them to my list! ❤️


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