Bachelorette Party – Part 2

My head is swimming from all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that I’ve been trying to keep up with. Sometimes keeping up with all the “stuff” can be overwhelming, so I wanted to go back to writing about things that aren’t stressful. If you missed my post from Sunday, I’m rehashing my fabulous bachelorette party that my best friends planned for me last year!

Since we didn’t venture out on our arrival night, we only had leftover pizza, and this girl NEEDS coffee to get going and survive any type of day…even if it just consists of floating around in a pool all day. Luckily for us, not far from our house was a cute coffee shop named Stork’s.


I always love trying local coffee shops when I’m traveling. They had so many options and it was seriously such good coffee! We liked everything so much that we ended up going back on Sunday morning! (I also really need to stop writing these posts when I’m hungry because seeing all these delicious pastries again is making me incredibly hangry.)

I’m really happy that I have friends who enjoy taking pictures of their food as much as I do. I know there are a lot of people who get super annoyed by that, but I love looking back on the delicious things I’ve eaten, especially when I’m traveling!

I can’t remember what flavor frappuccino this was; but I do remember thinking it was one of the most delicious coffee drinks I’ve ever had because it was like a caffeinated milkshake. Mmmmm…

Stork’s was unique because it wasn’t simply a coffee shop. They had shelves filled with cakes, pies, giant cookies, and sandwiches, offer salads and soups, and even had happy hour offerings with wine and beer. They  apparently do it all, and were so nice and welcoming!

After breakfast we headed to the grocery store to stock up on snacks. I don’t know what it is about shopping for snacks at the beach, but do y’all also go way overboard and get more than you need??

We came back to the house and spent the day by the pool, just relaxing and snacking! Basically, any time we weren’t actually out of the house, this was where you could find me. Currently, I’m bundled up in a poncho grading papers (technically giving myself a break from grading papers…save me), so I’m really hating past Autumn who looks really relaxed and happy in that float right now.

In the middle of pool time, everybody scurried off to decorate the house. It was beautiful, and I love that they put so much effort into making it festive and making me feel so special! And remember in the last post when I said Corrine had a loaded suitcase? Yep, she managed to stuff all of this into her bags.

They really are the best! Corrine even made most of the banners and the Jeopardy game! If your friends aren’t at this level, you should probably find better ones. You can’t have mine, though…

That night we had a Halloween pub tour lined up. Since there were four of us, it was the perfect opportunity to dress up as Karen, Gretchen, Regina, and Cady from Mean Girls!


I love Em’s face in this picture because she so obviously does NOT want to be wearing that wig. Corrine also made our cute headbands with one of the very quotable sayings from each character. Em (aka, Karen) has “I’m a mouse, duh” on hers; mine (aka, Gretchen Wieners) says “You can’t sit with us,” Corrine (aka, Regina George) has “Boo, you whore” on hers; and Nicole’s (aka, Cady) says “Grool.”



Some of the skeptics in the group (ahem, Em and Nicole), didn’t think anybody would know who we were supposed to be…but we ended up being recognized by so many people! I think we even had our picture made with Mary Poppins…

And that’s the end of Bachelorette Party Day 2! There’s still so much food that’s coming your way in the next couple posts! It’s gonna be so fetch!

…if you’re not a Mean Girls fan or don’t get that last reference, then go watch that movie immediately.


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