Review: Cocktails in a Can

I know a lot of people are ready for pumpkin spice everything, but summer technically isn’t over yet. And while I’m absolutely ready for some temperatures that start with anything but a 9, I’m not quite ready to put my shorts and tanks away.

And here’s a secret…I love pumpkins on my porch, but keep them far away from my food and drinks.

This post is not sponsored – all opinions are my own honest thoughts on the products.

So if you’re still holding on to summer, even if it’s just in the beverages you’re drinking, I have a review of three brands that can keep your summer vibes going.

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Don’t worry, I didn’t drink all of these at once 😉


The three brands I tried were Rita’s, Capeline, and Corona Refresca. The Rita’s and Capeline came in variety packs. Rita’s included a white peach rosé spritz, and two sangria spritzes – pear orange and strawberry blueberry. Capeline included hard strawberry lemonade, blackberry mojito, and margarita. I couldn’t find a variety pack of the Corona Refresca, so I chose a pack of passionfruit lime.

Rita’s: (6% alcohol, 196-207 calories/can) I bought these for a weekend at the lake. I thought the flavors sounded delicious and perfect for a hot summer day floating in the water. I thought the strawberry blueberry sangria would be my favorite, but it’s actually my least favorite, and I thought the pear orange sangria would be my least favorite, but it was by far the best! I like my fruity drinks to be on the sweeter side, so that may be a turn-off for some people. I’m not crazy about the calories, but at least the taste makes it worth it.

Corona Refresca: (4.5% alcohol, 178 calories/can) I was a sucker for advertising on these. Like I noted earlier, I couldn’t find a variety pack (they do make them because I saw it on Total Wine’s website!), so I made a quick decision and picked the passionfruit lime. I thought these were really good, tropical and fruity, also on the sweeter side, and I’m excited to try the guava lime flavor next! It also comes in coconut lime – I’m not a huge coconut lover, so I’m good missing out on that one. These would be great to pack for a day on the beach! (Or if you’re currently in my position, good to have on hand in case Hurricane Dorian comes through 😞)

Capeline: (4.5% alcohol, 120 calories/can) I kept seeing these advertised on tv and was intrigued because they’re made from six ingredients (including cane sugar) and nothing artificial. When we went to the beach with John’s family, I grabbed a box because the flavors sounded delicious and refreshing. They were not. The lemonade one doesn’t taste anything like lemonade – I wish I could provide a comparison for what this tasted like, but it definitely wasn’t lemonade or strawberry. The others weren’t any better. I choked down the margarita one, but I ended up dumping the blackberry mojito. These have several good reviews on Influenster, so maybe I have strange taste buds, but I was kind of annoyed that I’d wasted money on them. The aftertaste for each one was just too much for me to handle and even though the calorie count is smaller than the other two brands, it wasn’t worth the flavor sacrifice.

So to rank my top three favorites would be 1. Rita’s Sangria Spritz in Pear Orange, 2. Corona Refresca in Passionfruit Lime, and 3. Rita’s Rosé Spritz in White Peach.

Have you tried any of these drinks? If so, what are your thoughts? Are there any that you’re looking forward to trying? Or is there another drink that is your favorite?

Please remember to drink responsibly and make sure you have a designated driver if you’re out and about.



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