Spring Transitional Piece


It’s that time of the year when no one knows what in the world to wear from one day to the next. Last Friday we were in the high 70s, and this week it looks like we’re sitting in the 50s. So now is a really important time to have pieces in your closet that are good transition pieces and work well with layers.

Today is all about one of my extremely budget-friendly Amazon finds that will work well as a transition piece between winter and spring, and can also be worn in the fall and winter!

Overalls, shortalls, overall dresses. They’re everywhere, and I’m so here for it. I love my overalls, and I’m excited to get more use out of my shortalls that I bought in the fall. But right now I’m definitely loving this burgundy corduroy overall dress that works for fall and winter and is a great transition piece for spring. Even though it’s technically described as corduroy fabric, it’s really light, and I was incredibly comfortable taking these pictures in 60 degree weather. It’s perfect with boots or flats depending on the weather (but if your legs are as white as mine, maybe invest in some self tanner? That’s on my to-do list for this week).

And you’d never guess that this A-line Corduroy Overall Dress is only $15! I was a little surprised at the thinness of the fabric when I first pulled it out of the bag, but honestly, it never gets cold enough in my part of North Carolina to need something that’s super thick – I wouldn’t wear this out in the snow anyway, so the material’s thickness doesn’t bother me and it just makes it even better as a transition piece from winter to spring (and it will work well in the fall, too!).

Shoes, BCBG, very old (similar and reviews seem pretty positive)

I think my favorite part of this overall dress is the color – the burgundy isn’t dull as you can tell from most of these pictures, and I love how it pops even more when paired with a white top (or against yellow flowers!). I love wearing a lot of color, and even many of my colleagues often comment on the brightness of my outfits – I always take it as a compliment, even if they don’t mean for it to be πŸ™‚ Life is too short to blend in!

The reviews for this overall dress are mediocre, but for $15, I don’t think you can ask for much more from a piece. Some people claimed that the buttonholes were unraveling, but I didn’t notice any problems with sewing issues.

I did size up and am wearing a large in it. I have hips, so it was a bit snug around the hip and lower belly pooch area, but not in an uncomfortable way. I probably could’ve even gone for an extra large to make sure I had plenty of hip room, but I wouldn’t want to deal with the straps falling off my shoulders all the time. There aren’t any side pockets (I know, I love pockets, too) and one side has a zipper in case you need a little extra space to get it on. I was able to step into it without unzipping, but I’m also lazy sometimes, so it’s good to know the option is there!

Earrings, SUGARFIX by Baublebar | Gloss, NYX Tiramisu (seriously the best)

The overall dress comes in so many different colors, including a light pink with white polka dots, which is definitely a cute spring transition piece! It’s listed for $18, so still not a bad price, and it’s just so stinkin’ cute that I may snatch it up, too!

Although I’ve dressed this piece up a bit, I think it would also look really great for a casual day out with some sneakers or Converse and switching up the turtleneck for a simple long-sleeve white t-shirt, or even a short-sleeve white t-shirt…so many great options for a piece of clothing that’s such an affordable price!

I know a lot of people are still dealing with a ton of snow, so I’m sending positive spring vibes your way!

Are y’all happy that it’s finally spring? What are your favorite spring transition pieces and what are you excited about adding to your closet for this year? Let me know below!



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