San Francisco – Day 4

This was our final day in San Francisco, so we wanted to make sure we did the touristy areas that we’d missed.

Today was also CRUFFIN DAY.

Google anything food-related in San Francisco and you’ll definitely see Mr. Holmes Bakehouse as a must-do. And for good reason! They make cruffins, a cross between a croissant and a muffin, and every month the flavors change. Sunday in May was cannoli.

I told J that morning that if we missed cruffins, our marriage was probably doomed. He likes when I’m dramatic (ha, not).

When you get in line, one of the workers will come through with stickers that guarantee you a cruffin which is nice so you don’t get to the end of the line and find out they’re sold out. You’re allowed two cruffins per person, and we definitely got two each and ate them all #noregrets.

They also have one of the most-photographed walls in San Francisco! Shoutout to the super sweet girl who took about twenty pics of us!

We finally found a bench down the road, busted out our box, and dove in. We got some strange looks from passersby, but I didn’t even care. J got some good laughs because I couldn’t keep the cannoli cream off my nose or chin.

Our next stop was Lombard Street which was a solid hike from where we were. On the way, we found a cute little park at the top of a hill (literally) and sat down for round two of cruffins. I found it fascinating how tennis courts were on the tops of buildings and at the top of the peak we were on.

Finally Lombard. Good grief, y’all, talk about tourist mayhem. We stayed for about 5 minutes because I just couldn’t handle the idiocy. Every car driving down was a tourist. Tourists were in the street taking pics (like, the middle of the main street- we almost saw a few people die because they completely ignored the cars, even after some rage-filled honks).

I definitely think it’s worth it to see, but remember that people live here and they’d probably prefer that you not be a jackass.

Our next stop was Coit Tower. There are some great views and photo ops here. We didn’t go up in the tower because we’re cheap and hate lines. Neither one of us felt like we missed anything.

We walked down Telegraph Hill (which also provided some really great photo ops [see below]), but we didn’t spot any parrots, which was a bummer. Google that if you’re confused (I was!). It’s an interesting story!

Our next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. We took an Uber because the walk was just too far. Bad decision. This was Memorial Day weekend, so pretty much every human on the west coast was at the Golden Gate Bridge. It took more than an hour to actually get dropped off at the visitors center because traffic was lined up from every direction.

But once we made it, we knew we had to walk across to make the ride worth it. We hoped there would be a place to eat on the other side, and lots of sites/blogs tell you there are, BUT it requires another super long walk or a car ride. Unless I’m dumb and missed something. Have a very solid, detailed plan for when you get to the other side, or eat before you go. Walking the bridge hangry and tired is not recommended 😂.

Even though there are some great views, I felt like walking the bridge was a bit underwhelming. Not being able to talk as we walked because of the wind and car noise also made the stroll feel lonely.

When we finally made it back, food was the focus. A chef that we had Ubered with suggested a restaurant in the Presidio area, Arguello, so we walked there. They serve brunch on Sunday, so the menu was still a bit breakfast focused, but we were so hungry we didn’t care.

We ordered a pitcher of margaritas, which was a bit smaller than what we’d imagined considering the price, chips and salsa and guacamole (the guacamole was SO GOOD), and I ordered a burrito because they had run out of the short rib enchiladas (😭).

Being full and so tired, I suggested we make our way to East Beach. When we got there, we propped ourselves up against a big pile of sand and just people watched. Dogs were everywhere having the best time and lots of people were windsurfing. It was incredibly relaxing and a good way to conclude the trip (I was still bundled up, though!).

I knew during the trip that we were super busy, but I’ve been really impressed and shocked at how much we actually did in only four days.

I’d love to have suggestions in the comment section for when we return to San Francisco!

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