San Francisco – Catamaran Bay Cruise

On Saturday afternoon we had reservations for a catamaran tour in the Bay!

After we stuffed our faces with In-N-Out Burger, we headed towards Pier 39 to board the boat with Incredible Adventures. Back in my Alcatraz post I explained that this cruise was part of a package. We basically bought it because we wanted to do Alcatraz and were doing the cruise because we’d paid for it. But it was SO worth it! This was definitely in my top five things that we did. It’s a different way to see San Francisco and the views are gorgeous!

Also, super weird touchy feely moment: as we were pulling away from the dock, tons of people who were lined up along the railing watching the sea lions started waving to us, so of course we all waved back. It’s such a silly thing, but it was a beautiful reminder amidst all the sh*t that seems to be constantly happening, to me at least (I’m sure no one else was having a moment of existential self-realization), that we’re all just people trying to live and survive.

Back to the trip! It was a gorgeous day, so rather than just writing about what we saw, enjoy the pics!


The Golden Gate bridge from the boat! Although the captain warned us that we’d probably get wet at the front of the boat, we plopped ourselves next to the netting. This pic was probably taken right before I did, in fact, get drenched by a wave 😑. Do not wear leggings if you go on this cruise. They do not dry quickly and have small holes that let wind through. You have been warned.


There’s something about sailboats – they’re just so photogenic!


They provide huge coats on this specific tour if you can’t handle the wind (me) and I took full advantage of that since my coat got wet. By the end, J basically had to rip it off me because I didn’t want to give it back!

Embracing the tourist look

So if you’re looking for a different view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, a Bay cruise is definitely the way to go. I even preferred this to actually walking the bridge (which I’ll discuss in a later post!).

And remember, always wave back 😉

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