Scotland Series – Day 14

This was the last day of our Scotland adventure, and to be honest, I reallllllly didn’t want to come back to the U.S.

Since we still hadn’t been inside a castle, our goal was to get to Dunstaffnage Castle.

The castle was a few miles outside of Oban, so we figured it might be worth it to take the bus. The distance was so short on the bus that we felt a little ridiculous getting off so soon (but the hike back was around 4 miles; I ended up being so glad we took the bus there).

No matter how many historic places we went in, it was still overwhelming each time to imagine the history and the people who lived there hundreds of years ago.

It’s also hard to imagine living in one of these castles. It’s gloomy days like this that make me thankful I live in a house with heat instead of a cold stone castle.

The picture above is of the main courtyard. I still can’t get over the stone architecture!

The kitchen area is above.

I kept trying to be fancy by taking pics of scenery through windows. Sometimes I like to think I’m more artistic than I really am.

This portion of the castle was the more recently built section. It had some great wood floors and super tiny staircases inside.

There was even a small chapel that was back in the woods. The architecture here was also gorgeous and the location was incredibly serene.

The windows were beautiful!

It was kind of funny to get our pictures taken with the Oban sign on the day we were leaving (below). And there’s really no other way to show you’re a tourist than to have your pic taken on the side of the road with a sign.

After our tour of the castle and the hike back to Oban, we were so hungry. Fiancé had been wanting to eat at The Oban Inn, so that’s where we headed (and my main goal was to find more fish and chips!).

We started our meal with some nachos because that seemed like the Scottish thing to do (ha!).

Our next course was fish and chips, which I totally regretted sharing. I’ve never been a big vinegar fan, but I figured I needed to at least try some salt and vinegar on my fish and chips, and I’m SO glad I did. It makes the fish even better!

We also ordered some toffee pudding, since that actually is very Scottish, unlike the nachos. Fiancé says that he’s picked up my habit of needing something sweet after a meal and that was never something he needed before I came along (#sorrynotsorry).

Prior to packing up, we made one last stop at Pulpit Hill, which is the other main viewing point in Oban (the other being McCaig’s Tower) and was at the top of the street where we were staying.

There’s a stone called the Minister’s Stone that points to and labels all the locations you can see. Apparently ministers used to preach there to congregations that would gather on the hill. More info here!

We were required to show up for an awards banquet, but since we were in our comfy traveling clothes and none of our kids were there, we headed back to Cuan Mor for some drinks. It was a long night because we were leaving at 1am to ride to the airport in Glasgow for our 6 am flight (I won’t go into detail on that, but it was MISERABLE).

While we were waiting for all the kids to arrive, a parent told us to go down to the waterfront to catch the sunset.

Wow, y’all. It was the absolute perfect ending to our trip. I’ve never seen a sunset this stunning. I didn’t edit anything about this photo.

We arrived at the airport way earlier than they opened, so most of the kids sprawled out in the floor and napped. We also had a sickness traveling through everybody, which I ended up with on the way back (hooray, bronchitis!).

The travel back to the U.S. sucked. Our plane in Glasgow sat on the runway for an hour (and TMI, but I have never come so close to peeing my pants and have never been so relieved to take off). Since we were so late, we had a grand total of 15 minutes to SPRINT through Heathrow to catch our plane. I told the students in my scariest teacher voice that they absolutely had to run, that if they got left I was leaving without them, and stressed the small amount of time we had.

And several of them STILL WALKED. I really don’t know how we made it. But we did.

After arriving in Washington, D.C. we then had a six+ hour drive back to North Carolina 😦 It felt like six hours just trying to get out of D.C. – and then we witnessed a car have a blowout, swerve all over the road, and flip multiple times. I still can’t believe that man walked out of his truck.

But enough whining (wait, did I mention that I had to teach a summer class the next day?? OMG y’all). I can’t wait for the next opportunity to travel to Scotland. The people were fantastic, the views were incredible, and I already need to refill my chocolate stash!

Thank you Scotland for your hospitality! I miss you and can’t wait to come back!

Please send Irn Bru (not the sugar free kind)!

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