Boone/Blowing Rock Girls Weekend

One of the worst things that comes from getting older, having a job, and relocating is that it’s hard to get together with your friends. The three of us usually get lucky enough to see each other multiple times throughout the year, but we always make sure to schedule at least one girls weekend.

This year we chose to meet up in Boone!

It’s hard to find a place more beautiful in the fall than the mountains. We rented a cabin just a couple miles outside of Boone.

The view of the valley from our front porch.

Once we all finally arrived, we went to do what we do best – eat! Our dinner plans led us to Vidalia in downtown Boone, which I highly recommend. We all shared our plates, and from left to right we had truffle fries, chicken n’ dumplings, southern poutine fries (because fries should ALWAYS be covered in gravy and pimiento cheese), and the chicken n’ waffles. We left happy, stuffed, and satisfied. 

The restaurant was packed, but luckily they had room for us at the bar looking into the kitchen

The next morning we planned on doing some “hiking” and enjoying the mountains and fall colors. We drove to Blowing Rock (visitor’s guide linked here) and then actually went to The Blowing Rock. It was such a beautiful day that we spent about two hours here taking pictures, talking, and taking in the view.

And now for an overwhelming number of those views:



Once we had finally gotten our fill of The Blowing Rock, we headed into the downtown area. Blowing Rock isn’t big, but the downtown area is a nice place to park and walk around. The main street is lined with restaurants and shops. And if you get tired of those, you can stop at the park to swing for a bit!

When we had finally worked up an appetite, we stopped in at Six Pence Pub. We couldn’t go without a plate full of fried pickles (highly recommend!), and clockwise from the bottom we had pot roast, the fish and chips, and a loaded banger (sausage stuffed with mashed potatoes) and french onion soup.

The remainder of the evening was spent in the hot tub at the cabin with wine, gossip, and reminiscing. I don’t think you’re supposed to actually sit in a hot tub for three hours, but we survived…

 The next morning we had brunch reservations at Bistro Roca and Antlers Bar. The outside isn’t much to look at, but the inside is adorable. Look for the giant chandelier made out of, what else, antlers!

Everything here was delicious – I had the Brioche French Toast (honey pistachio butter!) One friend had the Cuban Crepe (highly recommend!), and even though I have a picture of the other meal, I can’t remember what it was – something from the specials menu, perhaps?


Be sure to check out all the great pics of dogs hanging in the bar area. 
It’s never a good idea to go shopping after brunch, but we did it anyway and scored some sweet deals from J. Crew, Gap, and the Bass outlets! 

Before leaving, we ended the day with ice cream at Kilwin’s, even though we shivered as we ate it. These women are my “sisters from other misters,” so ice cream made the sadness of saying goodbye a little easier. 

Where are your favorite locations for girls weekends? Do you have any other suggestions for future visits to Boone and Blowing Rock?

*Photo credit goes to my gals for some of these pics!*

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