Stylin’ It Up at Work

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English professors have a pretty bad reputation for being on the opposite end of the style spectrum. I’ll never forget taking one of my best friends to a conference and her first comment being, “I’ve never seen so many clogs in one place.”

Joke’s on her because mules are in now 😜

But seriously, she wasn’t wrong. I try really hard to combat the frumpy, “out-there” English professor stereotype, and I think a lot of students are often surprised when I walk in on the first day (one student recently admitted that when I walked up to the podium on the first day of class she was thinking, “who is this girl who thinks she’s about to lead the class?” I love it and dread the day that people stop mistaking me for a student).

A lot of people think that being professional in the workplace means dark colors and safe silhouettes (i.e., pantsuits, skirt and blouse, etc.) that don’t show personality, and I know some places have much stricter dress codes than what I have (heck, one guy I went to grad school with would teach in ripped and dirty jeans). But I love bringing trendy clothes to the workplace, especially if they’re in bright colors! My bright colors and patterns often get commented on by colleagues, and honestly I’m still trying to figure out if they’re compliments or critiques…

I recently went to Target in search of some fun work outfits, so today’s post features three of my favorite outfits from that try-on! The best part is that these outfits are budget-friendly and none of the pieces I’ve linked (minus shoes) are more than $35!

Mock Turtleneck | Belted Skirt | Straw Clutch | Bow Sandals

I love everything about this outfit, especially how the darker pink pairs so well with the khaki skirt! And these are both items that can transition to fall or be mixed with different pieces! I’m wearing a medium in the top and a medium in the skirt (but maybe size up in the skirt if you like waistbands a bit looser).

Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress | Bow Sandals

This dress has several mediocre reviews, but I had a nude bra and undies on and thought everything was fine. I’m wearing a medium and the fit felt perfect – not too short or long, and not boxy (I’m also such a sucker for ruffle sleeves!). Stock is extremely limited online, so hurry if you don’t have a Target near you to purchase!

Ruffled Tank TopBlack Dress Pants | Heels, old (similar)

And last up is this black and yellow outfit that is perfect for the workplace! I’m not usually a pants lover because waistbands are the devil, but these are stretchy and wonderful! I originally tried on mediums in the pants, but they felt a little too baggy. The smalls were tight-ish on my booty, but they had a better silhouette and looked less frumpy, so I went with them. I’m wearing a small in top. *This top and pants are out of stock online, but if you put in your zip code, you can hopefully find it at a Target near you. The top is also on sale right now!*

Tortoise Hoops

These might be some of my favorite earrings ever. I’ve found that I usually end up wearing them when I’m feeling a bit feisty (or maybe I just end up feisty because I’m wearing them?). Every woman needs a pair of earrings that makes her feel confident, am I right?

What is your work style? Do you stick to neutrals and dark colors or do you believe in the bolder the better?

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