Leopard Hits the Spot

Leopard never seems to go out of style. But this year, if you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or even making your way through different clothing sites online, you can see that leopard is EVERYWHERE. And I don’t mind a bit!

I’ve never been a huge fan of animal prints, but I really do love a pop of leopard. I have a pair of leopard flats that probably need to be retired, but I just can’t make myself get rid of them.

The dress I’m featuring today is probably the most daring I’ve ever been with animal print. This Leopard Print Shift Dress is by Line + Dot and is another Rent the Runway piece and was one of their brand new arrivals. So brand new, in fact, that it showed up with the tag still on (I love being the person who gets to wear it first and get so much satisfaction from pulling that tag off…is that weird?).


I picked a terrible day to wear this because it was really chilly, rainy, and so windy. I almost had a couple of Marilyn Monroe moments, so the wind blown look in these pics is legit. Some of the pics turned out hilarious because a huge gust would turn me into It from the Addams Family. But life (and this blog) isn’t about perfection!


But back to this dress. The sizing was a little strange – I’m wearing a large (which was listed as a US 8 on RTR) and it was a tad tight in the sleeves, and I probably could’ve gone with a little more length (no reaching up to write at the top of the whiteboard for me that day!).

This dress is one of the more affordable options on RTR if you wanted to rent and then purchase. For members, it’s $58 to purchase, and I even found this exact dress on this site for the same price.


Although I paired the dress with a blazer, I think it would be adorable without a top layer and some fun strappy shoes for a night out. I wasn’t willing to make the sacrifice of freezing outside for a decent picture without the blazer, so a grainy indoor one will have to do. Another thing I love about this dress is how the pattern shifts in sections around the entire dress. It’s just too cute!


I also want to brag about this blazer that I got during last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s by Caslon and is super comfortable because it’s a knit material and not stiff like a lot of blazers (and doesn’t have the dreaded shoulder pads!). I think I’ve worn this blazer about three times in the last two weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️ My exact one is no longer available, but here’s a link to a similar one (that I’m loving in the blue and red colors). It’s perfect to throw on if you want to look a little put together without sacrificing comfort.


If you’re still not buying into the whole Rent the Runway thing, I’ve linked some wallet-friendly leopard dresses below!

So many cute options at H&M! | Long Sleeve | Wrap Dress | V-Neck |

And here are some great pieces if you’re just not ready to go all-out leopard just yet          | Pullover Sweater | Scarf | Flats | and I am so in love with these loafers!

If you’re ready to try Rent the Runway, I have a discount referral link for you! Using this link will take $30.00 off a minimum purchase of $60.00!

Disclosure: Thank you for supporting Biscotti and a Ph.D.! No secrets here! Using the discount code gets you, if you’re a first time renter, $30 off but also gives me a $30 credit.


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