Sweatshirt Season With a Side of Perforated Booties

Y’all, I’m SO HAPPY for two reasons – it finally feels like fall in my part of North Carolina, and sweatshirts are back in a huge way.

To be fair, I have a drawer full of hooded sweatshirts (I even have two or three that go by the name “Trusty”), but crew neck sweatshirts definitely kind of disappeared for a while. But seeing so many brands featuring crew neck sweatshirts makes my heart very happy. If I could live in sweatshirts, I totally would.

So today I’m featuring one of my favorite sweatshirts from a company that I haven’t shopped at in quite a while. Aerie! Fun fact: I worked at American Eagle for a little bit during college. I went to school in a super small town (Wise, Virginia) and the closest shopping was almost an hour away in Kingsport, TN. So sometimes on weekends, I’d drive all the way there to work. It was ridiculous…however, the discount was so good but also a huge problem for my bank account.

But I did say I was going to talk about a sweatshirt…

This Plush Hometown Sweatshirt is from Aerie and you’ve probably seen it on several bloggers this season. This thing is super popular. And ya know why? Because it’s comfyyyy. But it’s also really cute!

It can totally be lounge wear, but it can be dressed up for a casual Saturday, too! I wore mine for date night out to Panera (after a chaotic week, it’s the little things, y’all).

One thing I love is the hemline. I hate when shirts are tight and cling, so the slit makes for a nice, loose fit. It’s easy to hide that belly when you’ve had too much pizza and peanut butter M&Ms throughout the week (ahem).

It looks like the pink is no longer available online, but that still leaves eight other options – and I’m loving the bright blue (listed as Damsel). I had originally ordered this in a medium, but it was way too big, so I’m wearing a small. It’s supposed to be oversized, but the medium was a bit much.

And I can’t get through this post without highlighting these 1.State booties! These are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I bought these last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and wish I’d bought some additional colors. Unfortunately the only place to track these down this year is on eBay; however, this year’s 1.State booties are super cute, and I’ve linked a few more options below!

Here are this year’s 1.State booties that are somewhat similar to mine. (Loving the blush and slate colors!)

These d’orsay booties are super similar to mine (and are a great price!).

These perforated booties are kind of funky and are leather instead of suede.

I’m obsessed with these light pink cutout booties! (also come in grey)

All the heart eyes for these Vince Camuto Perforated Booties, which are currently on sale big time!

How do you feel about the crew neck sweatshirt trend? Are you a fan because yay, casual, or do you prefer a more structured look?  Do you have a fave sweatshirt to recommend? (you can never have too many, right??)

Disclosure: Thank you for supporting Biscotti and a Ph.D.! No secrets here! Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a couple cents if you click on links or purchase products.

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