Banjanan Jumpsuit – RTR

I know this post doesn’t go with the season, but it’s still in the 90s in our part of North Carolina (get it together, October!). Plus, this Banjanan Blue Dandelion Rose Jumpsuit was one of my favorite outfits from Rent the Runway! The main reason it’s one of my favorites is because it basically felt like I was wearing pajamas all day. Who can complain about that?

In my last post I talked about how and why I started using Rent the Runway, so be sure to check that post out for the basics. Sometimes I like to choose really “out there” outfits as my rentals because it’s not that much of a risk when you’re not committing to purchasing the outfit. I wouldn’t say this one is “out there,” but it doesn’t look like anything I actually have in my closet. I love jumpsuits, and when I saw the fun dandelion print on this one, I went for it.

I hesitated about wearing it to work when I first pulled it out of the garment bag, but only for a second (have you seen what some professors wear to teach in?). If a middle-aged man can come to work in muddy, ripped up jeans, then I think a flowery jumpsuit is just fine.

In addition to the material feeling like pajamas, I also really loved the feminine ruffles on the sleeves. I’m a sucker for ruffles.

The material is light and flowy, but that also means it’s a tiny bit see through. I went with white/nude undergarments and was totally fine because the pattern prevents it from being completely sheer. The buttons seem to go kind of low, but I safety-pinned one of the wider gaps (classy, I know).

Clearly having a deep conversation…probably about the holes he’s been digging in the yard.

This is Dasher. He usually doesn’t pay a lot of attention to me when I’m outside (unless I have a dog cookie), but he got curious and ended up photo-bombing multiple shots. This was also J’s first time taking outfit pics. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even tell him I had a blog until a couple months ago. I don’t do well with vulnerability, but he’s been incredibly supportive…but we also need to work on photography skills.

Below is the link for shopbop, which seems to be the only online carrier of this particular jumpsuit. I wore a medium, for reference. The retail price for this jumpsuit says $350 on RTR, and it looks like with a member discount, you can get it for $60 (so I’m assuming they’re trying to phase this one out – the discount is rarely that big of a difference).

shopbop – $140: As of today, there is very limited quantity in small and medium. Large is still available! (this is not an affiliate link)

And if you’re interested in trying Rent the Runway, I have a discount referral link for you! Using this link will take $30.00 off a minimum purchase of $60.00!

Disclosure: Thank you for supporting Biscotti and a Ph.D.! No secrets here! Using the discount code gets you, if you’re a first time renter, $30 off but also gives me a $30 credit.


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