Mr. Bob’s Donuts 5k and Carolina Donut Festival

Another donut post? You bet!

This was a new event for us – I don’t remember how we stumbled across it, but we’re already excited about next year!

The Carolina Donut Festival and Mr. Bob’s Donuts 5k took place in Marion, North Carolina on April 21.

The race, which also had an earlier half marathon, started for us at 8:30. It was still a little chilly, but there were so many hills on the course that it was easy to warm up.

The worst hill was at the start of the third mile. It was seriously straight up. Two or three hills followed after that – definitely not as steep and long, but they also weren’t easy.

I managed a really great time (for me) in the second mile since it was a lot of downhill running. The best part of the race, though, is the delicious, fluffy donut waiting for you at the finish!

I chose a chocolate glazed as my race-ending donut…but I may have gone back for a second 🤫 I saw them passing out secret apple fritters that were literally face-size, but by the time I ran over there (literally) they’d given out the last one. I “settled” for a vanilla glazed with sprinkles. It was delicious…but next year I’m coming for you, giant apple fritter.

One thing that really drives me crazy at any race is when the people who walk decide to line up with or in front of the people running. The first part of a race is always the worst because of the effort it takes to dodge walkers and children. Mass chaos. I tried to keep my eye on the prize though.

All races should end with a donut!

This is how happy I am with a donut in my hand.

And seriously. How stinkin’ cute are these medals?!?! AND an awesome shirt!

After the race there was a festival, so we headed over to see what all was going on. There were several vendors with merchandise and food…and we may have bought more donuts. I know, there’s something wrong with us.

These donuts came from The Underground Cafe with DoughP Doughnuts our of Asheville and had a quirky twist to them. The middle one was the signature DoughP Doughnut (buttermilk with blueberry and strawberry). The front was blueberry and rosemary with key lime), and the one in the back was a pork belly donut with porkrind sugar (this was my pick, and I think I was the only one who liked it!).

There was also a police tent and they talked us all into trying the Seatbelt Convincer…which is definitely convincing even though I’ve never needed to be convinced to wear my seatbelt. It made for some fab videos though and a bunch of young women “crashing” got more people over to their tent. You’re welcome.

And y’all are welcome for these beautiful, ridiculous photos 😋

Clearly, we had a blast. Mr. Bob’s 5k checked off our most important factors in a race: cute shirt ✔️ memorable medal ✔️ an organized, enjoyable race ✔️ great photo ops ✔️ and fun snacks (aka, donuts)! ✔️

See ya next year, Mr. Bob!


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