Scotland Series – Day 13

After all the excitement from the previous day, today was pretty laidback and was mostly spent just walking around Oban, eating (duh), and running errands.


Trip number two to the Oban Chocolate Company!

The giant plate above is the Ultimate Fondue! White and dark chocolate, strawberries, waffles, pirouettes, meringues, shortbread, and bananas.

And yes, it was all mine!

Why not have a white chocolate mocha, too? Ok, I admit, this was a little much, but I also have no regrets!

The cookies and cream waffle – also delicious! This was fiancés and is further proof that we were made for each other. Just like the couple in the pic below!

Most of today was spent gathering souvenirs for all our family and friends. Fiancé also had to buy a bigger suitcase to carry back all the whisky 🙂

We always walked to town because it’s just not a feasible thing to do where we live, and we actually enjoy being able to walk instead of drive. This is usually the route we took to town. Coming back was always the hardest part because of the steep climb (but it was a good way to balance the eating!).

Fiancé has Scottish ancestry, so while we were in town we managed to find his family’s tartan and picked up a small book about his family name.

The souvenir stores also have really fascinating (and expensive) whisky options. We did not come home with this.

And finally, to end the day, our hosts shared a bottle of Cairn O’ Mohr wine. Get the joke in the brand name? 😉

Stay tuned for the final day in Scotland that includes one killer sunset!

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