Scotland Series – Day 12 (Part 3)

I can’t believe how many cool things we saw in one day! Scotland is gorgeous, and it doesn’t take a very long drive to find not just beautiful, but also historic, scenery.

Our next stop of the day was at a canal where they were actually lowering the water to get some boats through!
Our friends took us the long way back to Oban so we could see more of the beautiful views. Since we were along the coast, they took us to view some of the canals.

Even though it was a gloomy day, being on the water was still beautiful.

Our timing was perfect here because there were some boats waiting on the water to drain so they could be let out into the sea. I know nothing about boats and canals, and to be completely honest, I didn’t even know where we were during most of the trip back!

We watched the boats in the canal lower, chatted with some of the locals, and even spotted another castle on the other side of the sea.

Next stop – standing stones! If I had watched the first episode of Outlander I probably wouldn’t have gotten so close! I started watching that series after we came back from Scotland. Although I haven’t made it very far, I recommend it for the beautiful scenery (and the beautiful actor).

Bonus: a field packed with sheep!!!

To get to the stones we had to walk through this field. None of the sheep would get very close, but it was fun to watch them scurry around and hear all the baa-ing.

More gorgeous scenery. Considering how much it rains in Scotland, I shouldn’t have been surprised at how green the landscape was, but it always felt so incredible.

Our next stop was Dunadd.

I wasn’t going to walk to the top because it was pouring rain. It stopped, thank goodness, because I would’ve regretted not seeing this soooo much!

Still not at the top yet!

According to our friends, the top of Dunadd was the coronation location for the early Gaelic kings from the 500s-800s AD. It was surreal standing where past kings had been crowned.

The wind was super intense up here!

I think this was supposed to be his king pose?

If you’re interested in the area of Argyll, this site has a lot of great information, especially regarding Dunadd!

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