Scotland Series – Day 12 (Part 1)

We packed so much cool stuff into today that I had to break up this post into three parts! (and I’ll probably still have way too many pictures!)

Some of the students had already been to this location, so when I heard there was an old jail here in Inveraray, it became one of the top things I wanted to do!

Inveraray was about an hour away from Oban, but the scenery is so beautiful in Scotland that it didn’t feel like a bad ride, even with three of us squeezed in the back.

Inveraray was an adorable small town. I love historic sites in the United States, but none of that can really compare to the history and architecture in older countries.

On our way to the jail, which I’ll post about soon, we passed The George, which is a cute little hotel, restaurant, and bar. This is where we had lunch. If you love history, you should visit the link I posted because it contains a short history of The George and menus for the restaurant. You can even have The George as a wedding venue (how cool would that be?!).

We kept hearing about langoustines and how delicious and fresh they were, so fiancé ordered that from the daily special menu. It was a lot of work to get the meat out, but holy cow were they good!

I also ordered off the daily special menu and can’t even remember what I ordered. I know it was pork in a sauce over rice (and I moved all the mushrooms aside). It was a perfect meal for a chilly day.

The dessert of the day’s description contained some special cream and we weren’t really familiar with it, so our hostesses insisted that we order the dessert for us all to split. The berries in Scotland were so fresh and delicious, but I wasn’t a fan of the cream on top (it wasn’t sweet enough for me!).

After lunch we drove over to Inveraray Castle, which the Duke of Argyll lives in. Can you imagine 1) living in a castle, and 2) having visitors constantly swarming around and in your home?

We had spent so much time at the jail (totally my fault, I’m sure – I’m the worst to take to museums and historic sites because I take it ALL in) that we didn’t have time to tour the inside of the castle (all the sad-face emojis). It was still pretty awesome to see from a distance, though.

I was never a Downton Abbey fan, but apparently they filmed an episode at this castle.

Next up? Inveraray Jail!!!


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