Scotland Series – Day 11

I was doing so well with blog posts but school prep and wedding planning has taken over my life recently. I’m really excited about my wedding, but holy cow y’all, elopement is smart. After the Scotland Series, I’ll be doing some wedding updates.

But back to the happiness of Scotland – on day 11 we met at the school but didn’t really have anything to do. The students went to class with their Scots, so we three chaperones went walking around downtown, which of course means food again!

Down by the waterfront was “the green shack.” I’m not sure if this place had an actual name, but everybody referred to it as the green shack and raved about the fresh seafood. Since we were running out of days, now was the time to try something!

I was hoping to try the langoustines since those were recommended by the locals (I’d never even heard of them!). Unfortunately they didn’t have any, so fiancé ordered scallops and I just tried some of his.

I think we’re so compatible because we both get so giddy when our food arrives 🙂

Some of the seafood platters were HUGE (see below).

After our scallops snack, we had a list of souvenirs that we needed to pick up for our friends and family. There were tins of whisky fudge in all the stores. Fudge usually doesn’t do much for me, but this stuff is so good! I regret not getting more!

It was chilly out and we still had time before we had to meet the kids, so now was the perfect time to stop in Bossard’s for coffee and a treat!

Up to this point, each time we tried to go to Bossard’s they were either closed or about to close.

The inside is small, but it’s so cute, and it’s the perfect place for a coffee break or a nice lunch. The portion sizes of the lunch that kept coming out was huge!

I went with a latte to warm up and fiancé got a mocha. Both were beautiful and delicious!

We both also picked out treats to split! I can’t remember the exact name of mine, but it was kind of like a Twix bar (only way, way better). The top was chocolate, the next layer was caramel, and the bottom was some of that famous shortbread that Scotland is known for.

Fiancé got the doughnut below, stuffed with real whipped cream (not the junk we buy in cans and containers) and jelly. It was pretty rocking.

In the afternoon we had a scheduled tour at Dunollie Castle with the kids. If you’d like to see pics, see my post here when just the two of us went. On today’s trip I was in charge of the group video camera, so I didn’t get any photos of this tour.

The evening event was at the same location we had the ceilidh, and I think it was technically their equivalent to what we call prom night because a lot of the girls had hair and makeup appointments. It definitely didn’t seem to be as big a deal as we make it in the States because some girls were majorly dressed up while others were in casual day dresses. Fiancé decided to embrace his Scottish heritage and wear a kilt! Yowza!

He got a ton of compliments and lots of encouragement to wear a kilt to our wedding (sorry, but his clan’s tartan doesn’t match the bridesmaid dresses!). I was a big fan of the kilt, though 😉

Only a few more days of Scotland left! I hope you’ve been enjoying the recap and have your own Scotland trip in the works!

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