Scotland Series – Day 6

Today was a free day for everyone. A lot of families took their American kids to Edinburgh or Inveraray. We ended up just kind of wandering around the town.

Which of course means food.

We were starving because of a little miscommunication over meeting times, so we headed back to Cuan Mor for food and drinks (finally!).

We still hadn't eaten any fish and chips up to this point, so that was something I really wanted to try. I ordered the bangers and mash (apparently the sausages are from the world-famous Crombies of Edinburgh) and fiancé ordered the fish and chips. We struck a deal with each other and traded a banger for a fish.

And because we were so hungry fiancé needed an appetizer of seafood chowder which I stole a couple bites of. Look at the food happiness on this boy's face – I think that's why we're so compatible 🙂

I felt weird drinking anything in front of the students, so it was nice to just relax today. I don't like the taste of beer, so I went for a Rekorderlig strawberry-lime cider. Yum! I've been on the search for this cider in the U.S. but haven't lucked out yet. If you know where I can track this stuff down, please let me know!

While we were waiting on our food, I looked up and saw Mickey Mouse walking down the street. I have no idea why, where he came from, or what he was doing there, but it was odd.

A couple minutes later, here came a pig. Peppa Pig? I don't even know how I know that…

And then a couple minutes later, here came Minnie Mouse. I meant to ask some of our hosts about these characters but completely forgot. I guess it will forever remain a mystery. At least it perked up a gloomy day.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Oban, and then we spent the evening at the home of our hostess's parents for Sunday dinner.

There are SO MANY pictures coming your way! Our first Monday in Oban was packed with activities!

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