Scotland Series – Day 5 (Part 1)

This day was exciting because it started off with a trip to the Oban Chocolate Company

I have a huge sweet tooth as you've probably guessed from seeing food pics in previous posts, so when I saw this place it was certainly one of the top places I had to visit. 

Worth it. 

In addition to espressos and samplings of chocolate, they also have fondue plates, milkshakes, and WAFFLES. 

This beautiful creation was the special waffle of the month, covered in berries. And yes, that's a bowl made of chocolate holding even more berries. If you go to Oban, you MUST go here!

I loved the atmosphere here. There were high top tables, regular tables, and couches, so it felt like a coffee shop and had that laid back vibe. There was also a gift shop so you could grab bags or boxes of chocolate or even make your own assortment! I grabbed a couple bars of chocolate (one had honeycombs, another had hazelnuts and fudge) to bring back for my parents and they raved about how pure the chocolate was. I wish I'd grabbed some for me!

Dunollie Castle is up next!

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