Scotland Series – Day 4

On Friday the students went to school with their Scots to attend classes, and we met up with them around lunchtime for home ec class! 

The students grouped up and made bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with haggis or black pudding (our first authentic Scottish food!), roasted vegetables (that were delish), whisky sauce for the chicken, and we topped it off with no bake cheesecake with shortbread crust. If that's what happens in home ec, I regret not signing up! Everything was super tasty, even the haggis, which I had sworn I wouldn't touch.

After lunch we went to the gym for traditional Scottish dancing lessons! Unfortunately, I don't have any pics because I was too busy laughing and sweating. 

The rest of our afternoon was free, so fiancé and I walked into town, went in a few stores to look for souvenir ideas, and tried to get on a distillery tour but showed up a little too late.

I thought the Oban Distillery building was really interesting, and I loved all the old stone.

The little area below was bustling on sunnier days. There's a coffee shop and an ice cream shop to the right, so on pretty days the tables and benches were packed with locals and tourists.

In my first post I noted that our hosts lived at the top of the hill (Pulpit Hill), so we always took the scenic route by the water when we walked home so we could watch the boats.

This was the 25th year of the exchange between Oban and our small Carolina town, so several people were flying over to attend the ceilidh, which is basically a party with traditional dancing. We ended up having dinner that night at Cuan Mor with some of the Carolinians and several of our Scottish hosts.

I didn't manage a pic of my meal (shocking, I know), but I definitely did get one of our delicious dessert, or pudding (which totally confused me because of what we consider pudding), a cranachan meringue ice cream sundae 😍

Have you ever been to or passed through Oban? What are your favorite things to do in the area?

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