Satisfy a Sweet Tooth in Charleston

I have a massive sweet tooth. I love all food, but it seems like doughnuts, cookies, and cupcakes have a hypnotizing effect on me. My mom is an amazing baker, which is probably the reason I appreciate a moist, buttery cake buried beneath an inch of icing. Cakes in the Lauzon household are no joke. They are also one of the reasons I force myself to run.

But since I can’t offer you a slice of cake through the Internet (I wish I could. Trust me, you do too.), I’m offering two suggestions for satisfying a sweet tooth in Charleston, SC that my sister and I recently tried and enjoyed.

King Street Cookies – Um, what’s not to love about a place that has about twenty different cookie flavors lined up AND a milk bar? One cookie not enough for you? Me either. Pick a flavor and have them turn that bad boy into a cookie sandwich with icing in the middle. And guess what? They ship. Get those stretchy pants ready.

Hello, beautiful.

Hello, beautiful.

Macaroon Boutique – If you get lost trying to find this store, just follow your nose. In addition to the delicious macarons (~$15 for a pack of 6), they have pastries and croissants that smell AMAZING. I loved the lemon macaron. I can’t comment on all the flavors (the three I tried were delicious) because I forgot to pack them with me when I left my sister’s. Devastating.

FullSizeRender (8)

What are some of your favorite Charleston spots for dessert or just a quick, sweet treat?

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