5 Days of Leggings

If leggings are wrong, I don’t ever want to be right.

Last week on my Instagram page, I featured five different looks with leggings and wanted to share them here! I know I need to give the leggings a break, but we finished the fall semester before Thanksgiving and aren’t starting the spring semester until February 1, and with the pandemic still raging strong, I really have no use for dresses or pants with waistbands.

No secrets here! This post may contain affiliate links that provide me with a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting Biscotti and a Ph.D.!

Let’s start with the most basic black knit leggings. I love throwing these on with a simple flannel tunic (that covers my booty, of course!) or a long, loose sweatshirt. Aerie/American Eagle has my favorite sweatshirts. Seriously, I buy at least one of these oversized sweatshirts every year and have it in a plain pink, leopard, and camouflage. They’re just so comfy, and I’ve even worn them to school with skirts.

Next up are these high-waisted crackle leggings. I love the pattern and shine that makes them different than regular workout leggings, and they’re so soft on the inside (it’s similar to fleece but not as thick or hot). I laughed when I pulled them out of the bag because they looked SO tiny, and I was convinced I’d never get them over my thighs. However, they stretch and then keep everything in place without creating the evil muffin top. I went with my regular size medium in the leggings and in this super soft fleece sweatshirt.

The next leggings look was actually inspired from watching Wonder Woman 1984 the night before. While I’m definitely not interested in all of the fashion from the 80s coming back, I did really love the menswear looks from the movie!

I’ve gone so long without wearing heels that my feet were absolutely screaming after wearing these for ten minutes. My days in heels may be gone forever…

These faux leather leggings are way cheaper than the Spanx version but look similar – and they also come in burgundy! I’m wearing a medium, but I wish I had sized down to a small (I have them pulled WAY up). I’m wearing a medium in the tunic (should’ve sized down) and a small in this oversized houndstooth blazer.

Day 4’s look was focused on patterned leggings. My houndstooth leggings and button-collar sweatshirt are from J. Crew Factory, but it looks like they’re sold out of both items. The leggings come in other patterns, though, and you can’t tell with the boots, but they are cropped. I’m wearing my regular size medium.

The second patterned casual look is what I wear around the house all the time. It again features my favorite Aerie oversized sweatshirt 🙂 and leopard leggings. The leggings are old, but I linked several similar options under the picture. When Uggs first came out when I was in college (I think?), I never bought the real kind, but had what I fondly refer to as fUggs (fake Uggs) from American Eagle. I still have them and was so sad a few weeks ago when I realized they were coming apart – I found these new fUggs from Walmart that are great replacements, SUPER warm, and only $20! I’m usually a size 9 in shoes, but I sized up to a 10 based on reviews.

Button-Collar Pullover | Houndstooth Leggings (similar) | Black Suede Boots, old (similar)
Oversized sweatshirt, old (similar) | Leopard Leggings, old (similar, similar) | Suede Fur-Lined Boots

And the final look of 5 Days of Leggings is this camouflage look. I hesitated to wear this out in public – it looked cute in the store’s online photo, but I felt kind of weird about the amount of camo. Camouflage has a…reputation…that sometimes goes along with it, so I didn’t want people to see me and think I was a “redneck” or military wannabe. But then I realized I shouldn’t care what other people think! If you’re not into the camouflage look, the leggings and sherpa come in different patterns and colors.

I sized up to a large in the sherpa because it’s more of a cropped fit and am also in a large in these high waisted glossy leggings, although I wish I had gotten my regular medium. I love the glossy-ness of the leggings!

And that’s five days of leggings! Are you a leggings fan? If so, what’s your favorite way to wear them? Let me know in the comments!

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