Gift Guide for the Disney Lover

I am a 35-year old woman, and I love Disney. Not just Disney movies, but also visiting all the Walt Disney World parks! Luckily for me, I also married a guy who loves Disney movies and visiting the parks just as much as I do. When we were taking a walk early in the year during lockdown, I asked him if he could go anywhere at the moment, no financial/travel limits, where would it be…and I laughed so hard when his response was “Disney!”

Do you have a Disney-lover in your life? If so, today I’ve rounded up a bunch of Disney-themed items that would be perfect holiday gifts for the Disney fan in your life!

Gifts for the Disney Lover in Your Life

No secrets here! This post may contain affiliate links that provide me with a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting Biscotti and a Ph.D.!

For the Disney Lover Who Loves Makeup

I’ve had a real problem this year with Colourpop’s Disney-themed eyeshadow palettes. As in, I love and want them all. My husband has totally been feeding my addiction to these palettes; he gave me the Disney Dynasty pack that includes Misunderstood (the villains palette), It’s a Princess Thing (the princess palette), and Midnight Masquerade (the “designer” collection) for my birthday this year, and last Christmas he gave me the Frozen II palettes (these come in full collections or individual items).

I bought myself the Mulan palette and was so excited to score the limited edition Hocus Pocus palette (it sold out the day it was released)! They also just released a Mandalorian/Baby Yoda-themed palette (but, of course it sold out FAST, even after a restock).

*Just a head’s up – a lot of these go in and out of stock, so if the one you have your eye on isn’t available, keep checking or put yourself on their email notification list.

Graphic Tees for the Disney Lover

I love Buena Vista Magic t-shirts because she does a lot of mashups between Disney cartoons and other pop culture movies and songs (like Hamilton). I have two shirts that I adore – The Phoney King (a Disney’s Robin Hood and Hamilton mashup…two of my favorite things!) and Frozen Folklore (a mashup of Frozen and Taylor Swift’s newest album, Folklore…two more of my favorite things). Many of these items come in other products (blankets, pillows, sweatshirts, etc.); however, I don’t recommend the masks. They’re super thin and mine is so big that it hangs down below my nose.

For the guy or Star Wars/The Mandalorian fan, this The Child Grid T-shirt is a great option, as well as this long-sleeve Millennium Falcon shirt!

For size reference, I’m wearing a medium in both.

Disney-Themed Face Masks

This probably isn’t what everyone wants, but I don’t think COVID is going away any time soon. It never hurts to have an extra mask or two, so a face mask with their favorite Disney character or movie would be a nice stocking stuffer!

This Pixar 4-Pack includes a Coco, Monsters Inc., Up, and Toy Story mask – for $20, that means you’re only spending $5/mask (you could even divide these up to put in individual stockings!). These Mickey masks on Etsy are full of bright colors to add a little happiness to your face 🙂 I love food, so of course I was drawn to this Disney Snacks face mask that will remind you of all the fun treats at Disney!

Disney Ornaments

If you celebrate Christmas, an ornament for the tree is a great idea. Every year since I can remember, my dad has picked out a special ornament for me and my sister – it’s a tradition that I love, and it’s so fun to decorate my tree and think back on (and laugh at) all the fun ornaments through the years.

When my husband and I got married, I gave him a Robin Hood wedding ornament (that maybe I should sell because it’s on eBay for $70…what??). This year, I just kept putting up trees (we currently have four large ones in our house), and my husband asked if we could have one Disney-designated tree. Even though we do have several Disney ornaments, this tree is a little bare, but it will be fun collecting Disney ornaments throughout the years to add to our collection and memories (the only problem is that it’s so hard to choose between all the fun ornaments!).

Mary Poppins Singing Ornament | Abu and Magic Carpet Ornament | Frozen Ear Hat Ornament | The Princess and the Frog Ornament

Disney-Themed Mugs

I mean, do any of us NEED more mugs? But it always makes the day start off a little better if you can drink your coffee or tea from a mug that brings you joy.

My husband gave me this Chip mug a few years ago, and I think it’s so cute! I’m also so in love with this Custom Disney Portrait Mug because you can get you and your pet on it (seriously, how adorable)! And you can’t have a list of mugs without including the super popular Child from The Mandalorian.

And if you need a coffee maker in addition to a mug, this Mickey Mouse 1-Cup Coffee Maker is the perfect gift (and it’s budget friendly!).

Cozy Loungewear for the Disney Fan

Loungewear has been super popular this year because of all the working from home, so I couldn’t leave out some cozy items! This Donald Duck PJ set for men looks so comfy, and Donald’s facial expression is all of us this year. If you like Disney, but don’t want the characters or print all in your face, this plaid Mickey Mouse robe is a new markdown, and it would look lovely over these adorable gingerbread Mickey and Minnie pajamas!

Be sure to check the shipping deadlines for items if you’re planning on purchasing anything for holiday presents!

What item would you most want to unwrap? Let me know in the comments, and if you’re a Disney fan, tell me your favorite Disney movie and/or ride at the parks!

Happy Holidays!

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