Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Updated November 29, 2020

My Christmas tree has been up since the weekend after Thanksgiving. I have most of my Christmas shopping done, and all the gifts I’ve purchased are wrapped and under the tree. But for some reason, I’m having a really hard time processing that Christmas is NEXT WEEK.

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Have y’all seen the memes making fun of how we can’t seem to understand how time works? I really think it’s something about getting older – time goes so much faster. But I also think that I’m struggling with it being December and Christmas because of our weather – last week we had a day that reached 78 (seriously, what the heck), and today was in the high 60s. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas when it’s that warm.

Honestly, when I travel to home to Virginia next week, I’d be totally ok if we ended up with a white Christmas. I used to despise the cold, but it’s just been so dang hot that I’d love to bundle up or play in some snow!

So how is everyone’s Christmas shopping going? I have a few more things to snag, but I’m feeling pretty good about my list!

If you’re still looking for some stocking stuffers, I’ve scourged the Internet for small items that I’d personally love to find in my stocking (hint, hint family!). Everything is linked below, AND everything is under $10 (except the nail polish, but it’s so worth it)!

From the top row, left to right:

Leopard Neck Scarf

Neck scarves are so chic. It’s such a simple accessory, but it really adds a cute and trendy touch to an outfit. I love this neck scarf in the super popular leopard print – it comes in several colors and even a snake print. You could also use it as a hair scarf or tie it onto your purse! Versatility! I’d be super excited to get this in my stocking, or even as a gift by itself.

Insulated Wine Tumbler

Who doesn’t love an insulated tumbler? If you need a last-minute gift for a secret Santa, this tumbler would also be a really great gift. It comes in black, rose gold, pink, navy, and mint (and some of the colors have a glitter effect for additional fanciness). It’s perfect for lounging on the beach or around the house (which is the more likely option this year), and it even comes with a reusable straw, so basically you’re saving the turtles, too!

Dog Person Mug

I really need to purchase this for myself because it’s such a true statement. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the person in your life who loves their pup(s). And it’s only $6!

Bottom row, left to right:

OPI Nail Polish – Less is Norse

Ok, I kind of cheated on this one because it’s technically $10.50, but this is, by far, my absolute favorite nail polish color. It’s totally worth the extra .50! I have a friend who has a VERY strict nail polish routine. Being around her has made me pay more attention to my nails and realize that having polished nails helps you feel and look more put together.

NYX Butter Gloss

This is my favorite gloss (and still is a year later!), and the best part is that it’s under $5. It comes in super yummy dessert-based flavors, which kind of makes it hard not to lick it all off your lips. My favorite is Tiramisu because it’s a neutral color, so I can wear it with everything. I put a tube of this in my mom’s and my sister’s stocking last year.

6 Pack Headbands

6 headbands for under $10…that’s a pretty great bargain! You could even divide these up between six different people for a majorly budget-friendly stocking stuffer! This pack includes three leopard and three snakeskin prints.

12 Days of Glow Face Mask Set

2020 has been incredibly stressful, so I think we all need a little relaxation in our stockings! This mask set has good reviews, and I’m sure whoever receives it will be so grateful to have twelve different days of pampering.

Good luck with getting all your shopping done! Let me know what you’re most excited about during the holidays in the comments – mine is eating! πŸ™‚


  1. Britt K says:

    Wow, you’re definitely ahead of me hahaha – I just wrapped another round of gifts today and I still need to get a little more shopping done. That being said, I think I need one of those insulated wine tumblers lol

    Liked by 1 person

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