Review: Bounce and Blur Collection by Bare Minerals

I’m finally back after being MIA for most of September! I’m not sure what is going on this semester, but I feel like I have zero time for anything other than lesson planning and teaching class. Anybody else feel like time is moving way faster than usual?

I’ve been wanting to share this review of Bare Minerals Bounce and Blur Collection since I first received it from Influenster. If you’re not sure what Influenster is, read on!

No secrets here! This post may contain affiliate links that provide a very small commission for purchases made through this site (at no cost to you!). Thanks so much for supporting Biscotti and a Ph.D.!

Influenster is a product discovery website and app that is basically a huge collection of product reviews. Tempted to buy a new eyeshadow palette but want to know if it’s worth the money? Curious about the taste of a certain product? Want to see how other people are using products? Check out Influenster!

The best part is that you can create a profile and collect impact points. Impact points accrue from connecting your social media outlets and, of course, reviewing products which can lead to badges. The more active you are, the more likely you’ll be chosen to receive a VoxBox.

What’s a VoxBox? Just the best thing ever. If you get chosen to receive a VoxBox, you’ll receive free full-sized products in exchange for honest reviews of the products. You’ll have a certain amount of time to provide those reviews on Influenster and other social media platforms, and the more postings, the more points and badges you can earn!

Bare Minerals Bounce and Blur Collection

This is the third VoxBox I’ve received, and it was a great one! This box contained an eyeshadow palette in Dusk which included individual shades in evening star, harvest moon, crimson sunset, sepia sky, and purple twilight. There was also a mini blush sample in mauve sunrise.

Another great part of this VoxBox is the “instruction” manual that was provided. It contained information about this collection (cruelty-free, gluten-free, talc-free, and synthetic fragrance-free!) and a “how to use” section with different looks for a variety of skin types.

In the instructions, it encourages using the finger to swirl and apply, but I was struggling to get good pigmentation from my finger. I wasn’t super crazy about the look when I used the palette on the first try, but I’m glad I didn’t write a review based on that first use. I’ve used it several times after that and really like the colors, especially the crimson sunset (the red-ish color in the middle).

While I really like the first three colors (evening star, harvest moon, and crimson sunset), I’m still not completely feeling the darker ones. Maybe I just need to experiment with them a bit more, but I’m finding that they don’t have a lot of payoff, even when trying to build up and layer the color.

I used this palette most recently on Saturday before heading out for a haircut and some shopping. I used a combination of an eyeshadow brush and my finger, and this time actually found that my finger created better buildup, so I guess go with whichever you’re more comfortable with.

And now to the blush! I was worried that the blush would be too dark on my skin, but I think the remainder of my summer tan was fine for this color. The first time I tried it, I applied it with my finger, but I thought it looked like a mess because it wasn’t blending very well. I’ve used it several times since then with a blush brush and feel that using the brush works much better to spread the color evenly across the cheek.

The picture above was after I used the palette for the first time. These colors are subtle and neutral, so they’re nice for a regular day at work (and I love the colors with this super soft sweatshirt! The leopard is sold out, but there are so many other colors). The picture below is after using the palette a couple times – it’s not a great picture for seeing the eyeshadows, but I did use the purple twilight (far right) as a liner under my eyes.

Final Thoughts

Although I was kind of “meh” after the first use, I do really like this palette and blush and have never used anything from Bare Minerals that I haven’t liked. I saw that it’s around $29 in stores, and honestly, I just don’t see myself paying that much for this product. I’ll absolutely use this until it’s out, but I think there are other palettes that are just as good, or better, for much better prices.

Have you tried any products from Bare Minerals’ Bounce and Blur Collection? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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