London – Day 3 (post-Harry Potter)

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s already been over a month since we came back from London, and watching Wimbledon is giving me major FOMO that we weren’t able to make it there for a tour of the grounds. I’ve had several people comment on early London posts that they couldn’t believe how hard we hustle on our vacations, so considering how much we were able to do, I’m glad we were able to fit in so much!

And missing things just means that we have to go back, right?? 🙂

After writing the last post on our trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter, I was reminded that when we got back to London from Leavesden, we actually still had the afternoon and evening. Rather than going back to our hotel and resting from our busy day, we definitely decided to fit in even more (and looking back now, I’m just like, how in the world…).

We figured now would be a good time to try and hit the British Museum. We knew we wouldn’t be able to see everything, but there wasn’t another time that we’d be able to fit it in…and since it’s free, to the museum we went!

It was also perfect timing because this was the only day that the weather was kind of blah and rainy. There wasn’t a line to get in, but it was chaos inside, so I guess everyone else had the same rainy day plan!

I won’t bore you with a recap of everything we saw, but here are a few pics of my favorites! (And if you’re in London-planning mode, the British Museum is open on Fridays until 8:30!)

We stayed almost until closing time, and since we had only split a burger for lunch, we were both pretty hungry! My suggestion was to have Indian at Dishoom, so we jumped back on the tube and made our way to their location between Leicester Square and Covent Garden. They don’t take reservations for dinner, so by the time we got there, there was already a line, and John wasn’t having it. It also started raining at this point, so I kind of understand not wanting to stand outside in a line. However, this was yet another thing that I planned that didn’t work, so I kind of acted like a brat and told him he was in charge of food. We tried two different Italian restaurants and couldn’t get in either (one I’m glad about because later when I looked it up it had terrible reviews for service).

John steered us around a corner into The Alchemist. I hesitated because it looked kind of fancy and the after work crowd was out, but I got over it and was a little surprised at how empty the non-bar section was! And I have to give him credit for his pick because the drink menu was really unique! Basically everywhere you looked there was fire or smoke or drinks changing color…even a bong (for a drink!).

John ordered the smokey old fashioned, and even though it was a really difficult decision (do you see the crazy things on this menu?!), I went with the Bubblebath (still not super sure what fairy liquid is though…).

My drink was accurately named because it started bubbling and I could not get it to stop, no matter how much I drank and slurped! John captured the bottom pic before things really started getting out of hand.

For dinner, I ordered the crispy pork belly (not as good as pork belly in the South, sorry London) and a side of mac ‘n cheese. John ordered an appetizer of duck spring rolls (not pictured) and the chicken katsu curry. The food was ok, but the drinks were definitely the highlight of our stop here.

But when in London, one must get some sticky toffee pudding!

Since we had spent most of the day at the Harry Potter Studio (check out that post here), we were pretty exhausted at this point, so it was back to the hotel so we could get ready for what I was most excited about…our trip to Bath!

There were a ton of bars in London that I wish we could’ve made it to, but there just wasn’t enough time – Icebar was one that looked really interesting and one of my besties sent me a list that contained The Cauldron where you mix your own potions and cocktails! (I just found that it’s in New York, so maybe I can get there sooner rather than later!) What are your favorite unique bars in London? What should we absolutely add to our must-do list for our next London trip? Let me know in the comments, and have a great weekend!

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