Winter White

Are you a fashion rule follower or do you live to break the rules? When it comes to rules in life, I’m totally a goody two shoes and follow them to the T, but that rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? Pssshhh, give me all the white and cream!

These white jeans from J. Crew factory are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I didn’t pay a lot for them (helloooo clearance!), but I have absolutely gotten my money’s worth, especially since I end up wearing them during all seasons!

This is one of my favorite outfits for school not only because it’s comfy casual but because of the colors (go Virginia Tech!). I didn’t even buy this outfit together, but all the pieces came together perfectly for a Hokie fan!


Shirt: J. Crew Factory, (old, similar) | Pants: J. Crew Factory (old, similarsimilar) | Shoes: Bandolino Franci | Purse: Remi and Reid, gifted (similar) |

Because it gets so hot in the summer here, I rarely wear these white jeans in the summer. However, I wear them all the time during spring, fall, and winter. They’re perfect for pairing with some cute wedges and a button-up or a blazer, but I also think it’s fun to add a cream-colored vest or sweater for an all-over white look. Since these jeans are straight, I’m not super crazy about shoving them down in tall boots, so if you’re looking for white jeans that fit well in knee or over-the-knee boots, I’d look at the second option I have linked.

My sweater vest was purchased several years ago, but I’ve linked some that are similar or that I’m really loving right now, including Sherpa!

Turtleneck, Forever 21 (old, similar) | Vest, Loft Outlet (old, Grey/Ivory ComboThis one comes in khaki, Sherpa vest, Open Front Fleece Vest, Open Front Vest) | Necklace, Artistic Icing

I was incredibly hesitant on purchasing a white dress, but I’m totally obsessed with sweatshirt dresses (I mean, how could you not be? It’s all the good things wrapped into one!), which meant I had to purchase this one. This is only the second time I’ve worn it, the other time being the day after my wedding for breakfast with John’s family, and the only reason is that it’s a bit see through…always the downfall to white…and I have to wear nude Spanxx or white biker shorts underneath. I despise tights, but that would also be a good option to prevent any peek-a-booing.

Dress, Gap (old, similar, if you can’t commit to white, similar)| Turtleneck, Crown & Ivy | Boots, BCBG (old, similar)

When I first put this outfit together, it wasn’t what I had in my head, and I was a little unhappy with the outcome, but when I added the boots and a necklace, I actually liked the final product and will definitely be adding this outfit to my rotating work lineup!

What are your thoughts on white, especially in the winter and fall? Do you think white after Labor Day is an outdated rule that needs discarded or is white strictly for the summer months? Should it be used as the main part of the outfit or is white better left for more subtle parts of an outfit? Let me know!


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