Update 1 – New Year, Who Dis?

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I hope you’re managing to survive the first full work week of 2019! And if you’re struggling, know that you’re not alone…

School started back on Monday, and even though I’ve been determined to schedule and organize, I still feel like I’m constantly playing catch up. For those of you not in academia, making a syllabus that outlines the entire semester with EVERY reading and due date is no small feat. I’m teaching a World Literature course this semester that I’ve only taught during a month-long summer semester, and I’ve been so frustrated with making things fit. And if you think teachers/professors have it easy because we get breaks during the winter, just know that we do a LOT of work during those breaks to prep for the next semester. Can I get an amen from my educators out there?

Dress, Old Navy (old, similar) | Booties, American Eagle (old, similar)

BUT, on to the positive things! The hubs and I have been eating better and have been running to get back in shape. I managed to run Saturday through Tuesday and slowly built up my distance. It’s sad to know that I’ve managed to run a half marathon and couldn’t even run a mile when I first went out. Slowly but surely. I took today off because the wind was insane and my knee was feeling a little tender this morning. Even though I haven’t lost any weight, thanks 30s and slow metabolism, I feel better and less stressed out.

We also spent Sunday evening meal prepping. I made a green chile pork soup that has lasted three days for lunches. John made a delicious halibut on Monday night (I have only eaten tilapia, so this was a big deal for me), we cooked some leftover pork loin on Tuesday night, and breakfast has been these so good sugar cookie overnight protein oatmeal. I’d never had overnight oats, and even though I was super skeptical because of how mushy it looked, they’re so good and filling! I’m a fan!

And my Erin Condren planner has been a lifesaver. I’ve made a very conscious effort to put everything down that I need to do, and all my meetings for the semester are already jotted down. I’m also currently obsessed with buying ALL these stickers so I can really jazz it up (seriously, go look at some of the beautiful planners people post on Instagram!).

Basic Planner Stickers, Seasonal Stickers, and Food(!) Stickers!

What goals have you been accomplishing this week and what are you still feeling not so great about? Only two more days left until the weekend, so you got this!

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