Holiday Treats at Epcot

If you’re anything like us and planning an Epcot trip centered on eating and drinking (and without children), todays post is an overview of some great holiday drinks and snacks that we tried!

When we were trying to decide which two parks to hit, we both agreed pretty quickly on Epcot. And honestly, I think one of the big reasons John wanted to go to Epcot was to ride the Frozen ride again 😉

But in all seriousness, that guy loves the Frozen ride, and even though I give him a hard time about it, I think it’s adorable that we had a FastPass for it and then ended up standing in line for about 50 minutes to ride it again!

While we were in line the second time, I overheard some guys talking about how impossible it is to get a FastPass for Frozen and that he’d heard you have to book your trip like 8 months in advance to get one.

False. I’m not sure what he’s doing (or not doing), but we’ve scored a FastPass on both trips to Epcot for the Frozen ride. And this trip was scheduled maybe a month out. If you’re staying at a Disney resort, you can only schedule your FastPass tickets 60 days ahead of your trip, so it doesn’t matter how early you plan your trip. But anyway.

I tried to dress a little festive since it was so close to Christmas, but some people really go all out. I also told John we should start a shirt printing company because whoever is making monogrammed shirts for Disney-goers is making bank.

Most of our day was about eating. The kiosks they have at each country for the Food and Wine Festival must stay out year round now because they were using them for the International Festival of the Holidays which also has a fun passport with a list of all the food, beverages, and treats that can be found throughout the park, almost exactly like the passport from the Food and Wine Festival.

We fit in a lot of rides first thing in the morning while the lines were short. I skipped breakfast in anticipation of all the food, but the two things that were calling to me were closed (see pic of croissant doughnuts below – and yes, I was totally going to get that pancake milkshake, too) or completely out (boo, refreshment port and your lack of stuffed salted caramel pretzels!).

So I briefly pouted while John got a beer flight at the Bavarian kiosk (I thought they were gross and even John only ended up liking the White Christmas IPA).

After he got his beer, I trotted over to the Morocco kiosk for a delicious Confit of Chermoula Chicken Drum (cinnamon, Granny Smith apples, toasted almonds, brussels sprouts, and Pinot Noir syrup) with an Andalusian “Poinsettia” cocktail (sparkling wine, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and topped with orange blossom water). Yum, y’all! Even though I knew these were small tastings, I wanted so much more chicken, but I was super impressed with the size of the poinsettia cocktail.

We fit in several more rides between this snack and our lunch – I’m sure you’re thinking, good grief, do they do anything but eat? 🙂 We wanted to eat in the San Angel Inn, but it looks like if you want a sit-down meal at any of the restaurants, you pretty much have to have a reservation, especially during the busier times. So, we opted for the La Cantina de San Angel which is the quick-service (it was not very quick) restaurant right across from the big temple.

 John had tacos and a margarita, and I picked the empanadas. They were filled with cheesy goodness! I’m not sure how authentic they were, but they were definitely delicious!

 And if you know me at all, or have even been following me for a small amount of time, you know that I have a massive sweet tooth. Dessert post-lunch was a necessity.

Since our next FastPass was at Frozen, we walked through a bakery at the Norway pavilion and grabbed a chocolate kringla.


After that we took another break so I could get the cider flight at the Germany kiosk. The ciders are in reverse order in the picture, so the yellow one is the Possmann Pure Hard Cider, the middle is the Possmann Pure Hard Black Currant Cider, and the pinkish on the left is the Schofferhoffer Pomegranate Hefeweizen (isn’t that a beer?). My favorite was by far the black currant cider, and John was a big fan of the hefeweizen.

I don’t know why I couldn’t fill up, but I was so hungry all day long. My final request for a snack was at the Canadian kiosk. I really wanted the icewine flight (if you’ve never had icewine and you like sweet wine, you MUST get some!), but I also wanted some food with it and even though I wasn’t sure what the French Canadian Tourtiere (basically a pastry full of meat), I decided to be brave and give it a try. Another good decision!

And of course we stuck around for the fireworks show! I’m not super crazy about the show that Epcot does – it seems kind of old (maybe I’ve just seen it so many times?), but fireworks are definitely something I have to stay for when we’re visiting the parks.

Even though I didn’t get my croissant doughnut or caramel stuffed pretzel, it was a great day at Epcot!

What are your favorite things to do and eat/drink at Epcot? Le Cellier Steakhouse is on my list for an upcoming trip!


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