Happy Holidays from Disney!

Merry Christmas Eve, y’all! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and I absolutely cannot believe that tomorrow is Christmas! With trying to finish school, get grades in, and Christmas shopping, we’ve hardly had time to breathe. John had to go to Orlando for some training classes, so we decided to make a mini vacation out of it and stop by Disney!

The day after my school’s graduation we packed up and were on the road by 5:30 am. John had made reservations at the Coronado Springs resort which is a Spanish-themed resort (it’s currently undergoing some construction that’s supposed to be done by spring 2019). Since we only stayed for two nights we didn’t have a lot of time to explore, but we did pass by the pool (and I stayed there when I was younger and enjoyed the pool a lot!).

I’m not sure when Disney switched to using the Magic Bands, but I think they’re a great idea. Rather than using keys to open your hotel room door, you just touch your band to the “key” on the door, and you also use this as your ticket into the parks and for your FastPasses.

The hotel lobby wasn’t quite as exciting as Port Orleans, which is where we stayed when we visited Disney in 2016, but it was still a beautiful lobby with a giant Christmas tree and a water fountain.

We had some fun towel art in the shape of Mickey waiting on us with some complimentary pins since the resort is undergoing a lot of construction.

This was our view from the front window of our room. Since it was a bit chilly, we never actually saw anybody in this pool, but it was beautiful with sunrises and sunsets! Next to the “lake” in the background are some hammocks!

The main pool is pretty cool with the 50-foot Mayan pyramid and water slide. When we walked by, there were several people swimming. I kept meaning to check the water temperature to see if the pool was heated.

After we did some exploring around the hotel area, we boarded a bus to take us to Disney Springs. We were hoping to grab some dinner while we were there, but good grief, was it crowded. If you haven’t been to Disney Spring since its huge update (I’m pretty sure that was a long time ago, but my parents had no idea what I was even talking about when I mentioned Disney Springs), you’re in for a huge surprise. There are SO MANY restaurants and stores, and the last few times we went, the place has been packed. I think you pretty much have to have a reservation if you’re planning on eating at one of the sit down restaurants.

One of the Christmas-related events at Disney Springs is the Christmas Tree Trail. There are several Christmas trees decorated for Disney movies

John and I aren’t really crowd people, so we were trying really hard to enjoy our time at Disney Springs without losing our minds with the number of people. I try to be very self-aware when I’m in crowds, but that doesn’t seem to be a trait that many other people have. There was so much pushing, selfie-taking (which meant jumping in front of other people or blocking everyone’s view of the trees), and I can’t count how many strollers almost ran me over.

So, if you can’t handle people, don’t visit Disney Springs, or at least plan a trip when it’s not supposed to be crowded yet. Or if you’re going while it’s busy, it’s a great time to practice that patience!


When it’s not crazy crowded, we like walking through the Lego store. If you can’t make your way into the store, there are at least some really cool characters made out of Legos in the front (and the dragon in the water!).

Since we couldn’t find a restaurant to eat in, we decided just to head to the poutine kiosk (yes, it’s just a menu of different types of poutine) and get some classic poutine (fries, gravy, and cheese curds) and eat it while people watching. Next time I hope to get some reservations at Bongo’s Cuban Cafe because the menu looks amazing (plus plantains!).

Have you visited Disney Springs during the holiday season? What’s your favorite reason to visit at Disney Springs?

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