Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Babe!

Y’all, I can NOT believe that it’s four days until Christmas. I am so unprepared. Have you gotten all your Christmas shopping done? We went out today in the snow and it was absolutely nuts!

The powers that be ended up adding an extra week of school to our semester because we missed so many days during Hurricane Florence, so that has really messed with my timing. And yes, I’m oh-so-bitter that a week of my holiday vacation has been taken from me. I was also in a huge rush to get grading finished before grades were actually due because John and I came down to Orlando so he could attend a training seminar (and we definitely added two days at Disney World since we were down here). I always end up procrastinating and getting grades completely finished, like, 15 minutes before they’re due, so he was adamant about me finishing so I could actually enjoy our time at Disney. It was good motivation, but you know that saying “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”? I didn’t take in to account how many students would plagiarize, so when we actually got to our room at Disney, I then had to spend two hours sending emails and scanning documents. It felt like a really nice middle finger from students at the end of the semester. At least John got a nap in after driving since 5 am.

But you didn’t come here to hear my snark. Or maybe you did, and if you did, then welcome! I have a lot of snark to share! 🙂 But back to stocking stuffers…

My parents, ever since I can remember, have always given my sister and me a stocking full of “necessities.” I’m sure that’s not what it was when we were little, but definitely in the last ten+ years it’s been shaving cream, razors, gum, those great floss picks that you can keep in your car or purse, and other similar items. That might sound lame, but I love going a year without buying razors or shaving cream. Adulting win, right there.

But below are some good options for last-minute stocking stuffers. Some of the items are things I love (that Wanderlust palette is SO fun), while other items are things that I would love to find in my own stocking!

just for you (1).png

1.Selfie Light  | 2. Wanderlust Profusion Palette | 3. Burt’s Bees Beauty Gift Set |

4. Raw Sugar Body & Bath Gift Set | 5. Mini Mascara Kit | 6. Masking Skincare Kit

This selfie light is definitely on my list of things to purchase soon (hint, hint anybody who’s wanting to sneak a little treat in my stocking!). I think I’ve actually had it in my shopping cart for a solid month now…

Profusion is such a great, wallet-friendly cosmetics brand. I love this Wanderlust palette  that my friend got me for Christmas (check out my Instagram for a fun Christmas look). If you’re scared of the bright colors, there are so many other palettes with some tamer colors (and lip kits, and eyebrow kits, and so many others!).

If you’re like me, I wash my hands frequently to avoid getting sick, so my hands are often pretty dry – a Burt’s Bees beauty kit is perfect for cold-weather dry skin! It even comes with some foot cream to keep your tootsies nice and hydrated!

My mom put Raw vanilla bean body wash in my stocking last year, and I was definitely a fan. In addition to this kit that I’ve linked, there are so many other flavors and kits available. A perfect stocking stuffer or gift for someone!

I love me some mascara. I’d be so excited to see this Maybelline mascara pack in my stocking! And dudes, if you’re reading this to get suggestions for your significant other, yes four mascaras are actually different from each other 🙂

And last on the list is a masking kit! We actually purchased one of these today for my sister-in-law. Again, skin takes such a beating in cold weather, so you can keep your face (or your friend’s/mom’s/insert anybody else) fresh with a stocking full of masks!

With only five more days until Christmas, time is limited, so make sure you order these quickly or drop in the store and load up! And most importantly, remember that this is supposed to be a season of family, friends, being grateful for the things we have, and helping others, so take some time away from the shopping and chaos to celebrate and enjoy those things.

No secrets here! Biscotti and a Ph.D. does participate in some affiliate programs that provide commission for purchases made through this site (at no cost to you!). Thanks so much for supporting Biscotti and a Ph.D., y’all!

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