Fall Athleisure

I kind of have a reputation at work for hating pants. That doesn’t mean I run around without them on, but give me stretchy pants and dresses over regular pants ANY DAY. And because of my disdain for pants, I obviously love me some athleisure. But y’all also know that I love a good deal, so no $100 yoga pants for this girl! How would you feel if I told you this entire outfit, including the Nike shoes, is less than $100?!

It’s true. In fact, the shoes make up the expense for most of this outfit. And if you remember my “pumpkin weather” pullover and where it came from, it won’t surprise you when I tell you this ensemble (minus the shoes) came from Walmart!

I know.


I’ve been so impressed with Walmart’s workout gear section. And I live in a VERY small town (the closest Target is one hour away, and yes that hurts my heart), so it’s not like our Walmart is even one of these huge, impressive ones that carries a ton of apparel.

So every so often (usually when the husband isn’t with me), I journey over to the workout section to search through the racks. I immediately fell in love with this Avia hoodie. I love that it features some color blocking on the arms, but it’s also SO soft on the inside!

This top is labeled a compression top which is why I went up a size (I’m actually wearing a large). I hate tops that stick to my stomach (nobody wants to see that!), so I prefer a looser fit, plus that makes it better for layering if the weather happens to get crazy cold. The best feature of this hoodie is that it has a really soft, fuzzy inside that is also moisture wicking if you actually want to use it for exercising and not just lounging :).

Workout leggings can be tricky – you don’t want a size that’s too big because you might end up with your pants down at your knees, but if they’re too small, they squeeze the life of the stomach. And working out is hard enough without feeling judged by your pants. I’m wearing a medium in these leggings and there was very limited squeezing. There’s also a small zippered pocket on the back band for keys.

It’s difficult to see in some of the pictures, but what makes these Avia leggings (that are only $15!!!) so cute is the fun little star pattern. In addition to the peekaboo sheer that goes up the sides, the star pattern gives the leggings a fun little feminine touch.

I’m also loving these Nike shoes. I honestly just bought these for casual outfits, not for working out or running. Some of the reviews are a bit negative, but I haven’t had any problems, and I think they’re really comfortable for running errands or a casual day out. And the best part? They’re under $50!

Some of the reviews complained about how narrow these shoes are, so if you have wider feet, maybe size up. I’m a size 9 with a narrow heel, ordered my regular size, and they fit perfectly.

I’m also a big fan of thumb holes in cold weather workout gear. This hoodie does have thumb holes, which makes it even better for some cold weather running (and it might be one of my options for 2019’s Krispy Kreme Challenge since it’s always frigid on that weekend).

This cute little gingham hat is also from Walmart, but since it was a spring/summer purchase, it’s no longer available. But I’m really digging this Trailheads Cap with earwarmers! It’s perfect for outdoor workouts in these colder months. And it has a slot for your ponytail!

Have you tried any of Walmart’s Avia workout gear? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear about your experience with the brand, or let me know what your favorite workout gear is!

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