Myrtle Beach Food Finds

If you’re spending the weekend in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving, you might get a little tired of turkey leftovers. Or if you’re just visiting on the weekend, you obviously need some places to eat. So, today I have some suggestions for getting out of the house and tracking down some delicious food!

There are so many food options in Myrtle Beach that it’s a little hard to write one post. But I’ve stuck to some of my favorite spots. We’re not fancy people, so none of these recommendations have specific dress codes. I also haven’t included any of the buffet seafood restaurants because I witnessed a woman stick a buffet spoon in her mouth and then put it back in the food when I was young…so, I don’t do buffets 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway (also, I’m really sorry if I just made you gag from that story). On to food!

Let’s be honest. The most important part of any trip is knowing where to find the coffee!

I highly recommend The Roasted Bean! You won’t have a problem finding a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, but I’m a big believer in supporting small businesses, especially when traveling. The only problem at The Roasted Bean is trying to make a decision! There are so many delicious latte flavor options that you could visit every day for a week (or two or three) and never have the same thing twice. I went with snickerdoodle because cookie-flavored latte…yes, please!

*Update July 25, 2021: The Roasted Bean’s lease ended and they have moved into the Tidal Creek Brewhouse location. More info can be found here.

I was also really excited to see that they have açaí bowls. I love, love, love me an açaí bowl, and it’s definitely not something I can get in my super small town. They’re delicious and, even though I’m obsessed with French toast and pancakes and waffles, an açaí bowl is a much better, lighter, and healthier option.

Because you have to save your carbs for what comes later…

I was really surprised that my parents wanted to eat at a German restaurant, but Cafe Old Vienna was another food home run. They describe their food as German Soul Food, which I support 100% because I absolutely felt comforted and happy when I was done scraping my plate clean.

After a lot of deliberation (because there are so many things on the menu that look delicious), I ordered the pork schnitzel with spaetzle and potato pancakes. It was incredible, and I was SO full by the end. This meal ended up being our lunch AND dinner.

There’s also a small stage in the back of the restaurant because they occasionally feature live music on the weekends. They also have a dog-friendly beer garden if you want to bring your pup for a bratwurst!

I don’t know if you all grew up with Fuddrucker’s, but that was where my family stopped in Spartanburg, South Carolina when we were meeting up with our family from South Carolina. My favorite part of Fuddrucker’s when I was growing up was the cookie token they put in the kids’ meals. Unfortunately, you don’t get cookie tokens as adults, but I still love a good Fuddrucker’s hotdog slathered in melted cheese (I obviously don’t diet when I’m traveling).

Fun fact: we were so obsessed with Fuddrucker’s that we named one of our dogs Fuddrucker. He was part Pekingese and part Shih Tzu and was so stinkin’ adorable.

But back to the food. Fuddrucker fries! I don’t know what kind of seasoning they put on their fries, but another favorite for me from Fuddrucker’s is getting a fry that’s covered in seasoning!

Are you drooling yet? Or just concerned about my health?

My last recommendation is for breakfast/brunch at Blueberry’s Grill. There are two locations – one is on North Kings Highway and the other is in North Myrtle at Barefoot Landing (the place I mentioned in my last post). We went to the first location, but the one at Barefoot Landing looks a little more festive. *Update July 25, 2021: there’s now a location in Wilmington, NC*

I’m normally a sweet-or-nothing breakfast woman, but for some reason, I was really craving a savory meal, so my pick was the Carolinian omelet (bacon, sausage, onions, peppers, cheddar, minus the mushrooms) with a big helping of home fries.

My mom was the breakfast winner of the day with her sweet potato pancakes. In addition to the pecans on top, she also had a side of cinnamon cream syrup (and I just got so hungry typing that out). I wish I didn’t love pancakes so much! 😍

My sister had a craving for biscuits and gravy and was happy with her Biscuit Shack that included eggs and sausage!

And John really surprised me by ordering the shrimp and grits (plus a side of home fries that he ended up admitting was a little too much food).

And if you’re still hungry, the hot now sign is always on at the Krispy Kreme locations in Myrtle, so stop in and getcha a delicious, hot, glazed doughnut 😉

What are your favorite places to eat in Myrtle? Do you have “tried and true” spots or opt for new places? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments!

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