The Krispy Kreme Challenge

Calling all doughnut lovers! It’s time to sign up for the 2019 Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh! 

The Krispy Kreme Challenge has become an annual event for my ladies and me! 2019 will make the fourth year in a row that we’ve done it. It always happens in February, which gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate Christmas and three birthdays! The email just came out this week announcing early registration, so if you’re interested in testing your doughnut-eating ability, it’s only $30 starting today! In addition to being a really fun event, they donate money to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital, so you can feel good about where your money is going while you’re gagging down your final doughnuts!


But what IS the Krispy Kreme Challenge? Their website sums it up best: “2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour.” Sounds pretty amazing, right? But if you feel like there’s no way you could meet those requirements, there are different categories you can sign up for – if you actually want to see if you can run 5 miles and eat 12 doughnuts in one hour, you’d sign up to be a competitor. We usually create a team as casual runners, which means we do it just for fun and don’t have to eat all the doughnuts (you can take your leftovers with you!), and then there’s the no doughnuts category for people who just want to run (but why though??).

The first year I was determined to actually eat all 12 doughnuts. And I did! I made it through the first 6 pretty easily, and there’s video proof of me bragging about how easy it was…and then I got to doughnut 8. And there’s video proof of me trying not to gag.

Part of what makes this race so much fun are the costumes, and not just the ones we make (stay tuned for a roundup of our costumes through the years)! It’s hilarious to see what some people wear…or don’t wear. For some reason, it seems like there’s always a cold streak on the weekend of this race, and yet a lot of people show up practically naked.

Photo cred goes to N for this one

It looks miserable, but it’s super entertaining (and disturbing)!

Photo also brought to you by N…this is looking like a pattern, friend.

The race starts at the belltower on NC State’s campus. You then run 2.5 miles to the Krispy Kreme at Peace and Person Streets. You’ll know you’ve made it because there will suddenly be hundreds of people stuffing their faces in the road, on the sidewalks, sometimes even on people’s front porches (don’t do that). If you’re not concerned about meeting the 1 hour time limit, this is a great time to take pictures and people watch. You can also get some interesting tips on how to eat 12 doughnuts from watching other people. Some people smash them all together while others dip them in cups of water (gross).

Photo cred goes to C and her magical selfie arms.

This is N and me as we were finishing up our dozen doughnuts. As you can tell from my face, it was getting pretty rough.

Photo cred: C

The photo below is from 2017. J wanted to be a competitor, so he sprinted past me, but we ended up catching up to him as he was finishing off his doughnuts. I think I ended up eating 4 doughnuts that year. Since I’ve done the challenge, I don’t think I have to prove anything ever again :).

Photo cred to C again!

We always joke that if these were Hot Now doughnuts, it would take us 30 seconds to down all 12. I think that’s now an option if you sign up to be a fancy VIP or end up being a rockstar fundraiser.

My mouth seems to be open a lot…

The best advice I can pass on to you is to pack some plastic gloves! These were lifesavers for us because those doughnuts get really gooey and sticky. You’re welcome in advance.

I would also make sure you pack LOTS of layers, especially if you plan on walking the second 2.5 miles back (I sure don’t want to run on a belly full of doughnuts). I usually start with a compression layer, top it with a t-shirt, add a fleece-lined layer with a mock net (thank you, Target clearance rack, for that awesome find that I’ve worn every year), and then wear a fleece zip-up. I also wear long running tights (I learned my lesson the first year when I wore running capris), and make sure my top covers my booty so that it stays warm.

If you want some suggestions, I’m digging this Women’s Victory Pullover by Champion, this Women’s Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip (especially the pink!), and this Women’s Victory Fleece Pullover (all from Target; not affiliate links).

Have you run the Krispy Kreme Challenge before? If you’re new to the Challenge or a repeater, remember to sign up this weekend for the cheapest registration price! Maybe we’ll see you there!


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