Chicago (Day 4)

Our last day in Chicago definitely offered the best weather. We had been feeling kinda meh about Chicago, but I think a lot of that was because of the gloomy weather and definitely because of the rain. But sunshine and blue skies were a totally different story!

Our original plan was to have brunch at a restaurant I had found, but after skimming through some reviews, we didn’t see anyone who had been blown away by the experience and food. We all agreed that we couldn’t emotionally handle a disappointing brunch, and then Em had the brilliant idea to do a donut tour for breakfast! That idea had donut in it, so duh, I was down.

Our first stop (and, spoiler alert, final stop) was at Firecakes because we had seen a bunch of people eating ice cream donut sandwiches there the night before.

I may have gotten excited. I don’t know how the guy knew that I was the person to target, but he definitely knew his audience. After I picked out a cherry fritter and the original glaze (you always have to try the original!), he asked if I wanted the double decker. Again, duh.


And so I’m like, oh double decker you say. Do tell me more. And then he reveals this beautiful sprinkled specimen of glory and warned me that it was a little expensive. Psh. $13 isn’t going to stop me. When in Chicago, right?

The problems with buying a fritter and an original donut AND a double decker is that 1) your friends make fun of you, and 2) everybody gets too full and the donut tour comes to an abrupt end.

But DONUT worry! The day didn’t end with donuts!

I’m not big on heights, but my friends wanted to visit the Skydeck, so we started walking. When we got there we couldn’t believe the line that was snaked around the building. I guess everyone from the rock ‘n roll race had decided, like us, to visit on the one pretty and clear day.

So instead of enjoying the view from up high, we decided to catch an Uber to Navy Pier since we had missed out earlier in the weekend.

And it was such a good decision because it’s a beautiful location and was less crowded than it was on Saturday. This would be such a perfect spot to sit and read or people watch all day.

Photo cred to P, who did a snazzy job with portrait mode!

We also all stocked up on Garrett’s popcorn while we were there! Yum. I think a couple of us ate so much of it on the plane ride home that we got a little sick. Despite that, I don’t think any of us would turn down a bag…

I didn’t notice this at first, but there are so many popcorn bags at the end of the table!

When we had walked around Navy Pier and enjoyed enough of the sights, we decided to get some food before heading to the airport. We had walked by the Riverwalk so many times but had never stopped to enjoy the scenery. I made reservations at River Roast and we had our last meal together on the Riverwalk!

I opted for a fancy Cuban (with chorizo!) and was stuffed by the time I finished it. The outdoor patio was perfect for relaxing, and again, the weather was so perfect on this day that we were able to really appreciate how beautiful Chicago really is.

And that’s it, folks! We really enjoyed our weekend in Chicago, despite the weather, and I know I’d enjoy pretty much anywhere with these ladies by my side. There were a lot of things we didn’t get to cover because of the short time we were there, but there’s always next time, right?!

What suggestions do you have for a potential next visit to Chicago? What’d we miss that we absolutely must do next time?

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