Hurricane Florence

Hey, y’all! Sorry for the absence (I had been doing so well with scheduled posts!). I’ve been MIA because of Hurricane Florence.

Wow, that was a doozy. If you were one of the unfortunate ones who had to experience this, I hope you’re safe and that you didn’t have too much damage. We avoided any damage but didn’t have power or water for 4-5 days. We were out of school for two weeks, so when we finally went back last Tuesday it was kind of like starting the semester all over again.

J woke up early on the Thursday before the storm was supposed to hit and emptied the hot tub. By the time the rain had finally stopped, this thing was completely full. It’s amazing that we got that much rain. Thank goodness for our little hill.

It was odd to wake up and finally the see the sun, just like nothing had happened. But my heart breaks so much for the people who went through this AGAIN. There are so many people in this area who hadn’t even recovered from the devastation Matthew brought in 2016.

I won’t recap the storm because I’m sure you saw enough of it on the news and weather channel. Just know that it’s still bad (roads and schools are still closed; the sides of roads are piled high with carpet and insulation and furniture that people have removed from their homes), and any help would probably be extremely appreciated by many of the people here.

And I haven’t forgotten about my final Chicago post!


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