Pork Belly, Bbq, and Beans, Oh My!

How about one more Charleston post to round out the week and prep us for a long weekend? Who knows, maybe your Labor Day weekend is taking you to Charleston and you’ve been in search of the perfect spot for pork belly!

Well, I’ve got it! Poogan’s Smokehouse is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Charleston. I’ve got some hardcore love for pork belly, and theirs is incredible.

My sis and I came here together for the first time, came back during restaurant week, and she has her fiancé hooked now. And a few weeks ago I was finally able to take my husband there.

We’ve been on the 21 day fix because I’ve let my eating get out of control. People aren’t lying when they say your metabolism slows down once you hit 30 😒. But I promised J a good cheat meal since I had been filling him full of veggies, and he definitely chose the ultimate cheat entree from the menu!

One of his requests was “macaroni and cheese with meat in it.” As soon as he said that I knew Poogan’s skillet mac ‘n cheese was what he needed. I had also mentioned the giant sandwich called The Four Porksmen – pork belly, pulled pork, smoked bacon, American cheese, bbq sauce, and a St. Louis rib – which J was immediately sold on. And as you can see in the pic above, he did, in fact, order the four porksmen and even added a skillet of the mac ‘n cheese to his meal, as though that wasn’t enough food 😂 He gave it a good run but couldn’t finish everything in one sitting.

He even dressed the part with his North Carolina bbq t-shirt. Clearly we were meant to be together.

The pic at the beginning of the post was my meal – the pork belly and a side of pork and beans (which I mistook for salsa when I first saw it, ha!) and the house chips. I love a good homemade chip and Poogan’s chips don’t disappoint. And I could talk for days about the pork belly. It’s so tender but has the perfect char on the edges. The things I would do for a plate of it right now…

As I mentioned earlier, my sis and I went to Poogan’s during restaurant week. The menu allowed you to pick out an appetizer, entree, and a dessert. We definitely ordered the pimento cheese fritters because hello, fried cheese! And since that was clearly not enough cheese, we also got the skillet mac ‘n cheese. We definitely recommend both!

So if you’re looking for a giant pork-filled sandwich or some amazing pork belly, you should definitely stop by Poogan’s Smokehouse on East Bay Street.

What’s your favorite pork belly stop in Charleston?

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