It’s Donut Time!

If you’re gonna have a good meal, you’ve gotta follow that up with a good dessert!

Check out my post on Charleston’s best shrimp and grits, but save some room for a rock-your-world donut from BKeDSHoP!

I definitely have to thank my sis for raving about this place and demanding that we go (but if you know me, there’s not much demanding required to get me to a donut shop).

The sis and I picked up one of our best friends who was also in town 🙌🏼 and made our way to BKeD which has a home in a new development area near Brittlebank Park in Charleston.

Rather than dessert, we were hitting BKeD for breakfast. My sis had heard mixed reviews on their coffee; no one seemed to fall in the middle of the spectrum. It was either extreme hate or extreme love, so we were excited and nervous to try it out.

Their space is small, but it’s so cute and welcoming. It’s modern and crisp, but doesn’t give off a cold feeling. I wouldn’t recommend coming with a huge group unless you plan on grabbing and going. We sat at a small table in the front window and basically made ourselves at home.

And that was easy to do because everybody working was SOOOOO NICE! The guy getting our donuts deserved a gold star for putting up with us and had the patience of a saint. We asked which ones were his favorite, which ones we shouldn’t go without, and then stood there debating for a solid ten minutes.

Now to the donuts! We tend to get out of control when donuts are involved, so we limited ourselves to six. Ok, fine, I’m the one who gets out of control (I have a Chicago post coming up that’s good evidence of that).

This isn’t a great pic  of all the donuts, but it’s nice that they’re kind of wrapped for less messy eating and that the workers aren’t handling the goods.

From left to right, top to bottom: a cronut, chocolate drizzled funnel cake fritter, beet and basil, coffee cake fritter, and I think the other two are chocolate birthday cake and milk chocolate candy bar.

And the coffee!!! Maybe it was just a really bad day for the people who said the coffee was bad, but all three of us loved what we got. C and E got cold brews and I had an iced salted caramel latte that was uh-mazing.

The donut on the right in the pic below was the beet and basil one. I think my sis was trying to come out of her comfort zone, which I totally applaud, but I’m still laughing at how she and C described this as “earthy.” I think I’ll just stick to my super sweet or savory flavors; keep the vegetables, roots, and herbs out of my donuts!

None of us have any food allergies or restrictions, but one nice thing about BKeD is that they offer vegan donut options. And not just one flavor/day like a lot of shops. And who can say no to a donut when there’s one shakin’ his booty on the front window?!

Needless to say, we gave six thumbs up to BKeDSHoP for the donuts AND the coffee!

Go follow their Instagram for some mouthwatering donut pics! If you’ve been to BKeD, what are your favorite flavors?


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  3. Yvonne says:

    I heard all about the Chicago trip, can’t wait to read all about it…and see the yummy pics!
    Thanks for the scoop on this place, I’ll be checking it out my next trip to Charleston 😃


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