Shrimp and Grits in Charleston

Today’s post is about three of my favorite places for shrimp and grits in Charleston.

I always hesitate to write about and promote Charleston. I don’t like for my favorite places to be crowded, but I want those businesses to be successful. In the summer it seems like one of the many bloggers I follow is in or writing about Charleston every week. And I get it. Charleston is wonderful. It’s beautiful, covered in history, and don’t get me started on the food. But it’s also now overwhelmingly crowded, and I feel really bad for the people who live there (like my sister), who rarely go downtown because they just don’t want to deal with tourists.

I don’t really consider myself a tourist (others would argue that I’m wrong) because I’ve spent a ton of time there, basically lived with my sister for a summer, know my way around really well, and know how to not act like a tourist (sidewalks are made for walking, so could you and your five family members have that conversation anywhere other than THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK??). I have zero patience for people who have no self-awareness. Like, none.

But that’s a lot of ranting, and actually I DO want you to get me started on the food. And what better food to rave about in Charleston than shrimp and grits?!

I think I have a tie for my favorite. I’d be 110% on board with either place, so where we are and what our schedule looks like is usually the deciding factor. The first I’ll rave about is at Fleet Landing, which is located downtown and has a patio overlooking the water (and is on OpenTable 🙌🏼).

Fleet Landing is where I had shrimp and grits for the first time, and my mom and I always threaten to lick our bowls when we’re done. Don’t worry, we haven’t. Yet.

This pic makes it look like soup, but the grits are peeking out in the front. Trust me, they’re there and are perfect for “sopping” up that gravy. Also, this is the “small” plate. I’ve never ordered the large size, but I’d love to see how much food is on that plate.

Tied with Fleet Landing for first is Acme Lowcountry Kitchen on Isle of Palms. My sister and I first went there in 2015 during restaurant week. I ordered the shrimp and grits sampler that came with three, yes THREE, different versions of shrimp and grits.

I’ve been in love with the bbq shrimp and grits ever since.

What’s so good about it? Glad you asked. Those are fried grit cakes. Covered in smoked Gouda. With barbecue sauce. Topped with bacon. ‘Nuf said.

On our last visit to Acme we got there at a weird time (3:00) on a Sunday (totally my fault – I took too long at the outlets) and were only able to order off the midday menu (a super limited menu they offer while the kitchen preps for dinner). It doesn’t offer the bbq shrimp and grits, but the whistle stop shrimp and grits (fried green tomatoes, shrimp, and pimiento cheese grits) are still a really delicious option, and I definitely ate every crumb.

If bbq or whistle stop shrimp and grits don’t sound appealing, Acme offers eight other versions of shrimp and grits on their dinner menu. Yes folks, ten types of shrimp and grits. Definitely a restaurant I love.

And finally we have 82 Queen with their barbeque shrimp and grits. Yes, I like bbq. I also like old buildings full of history, so since 82 Queen is one of Charleston’s oldest restaurants and the building is 300-ish years old, it speaks to me.

This version is a bit simpler than the others – Southern Comfort barbeque sauce (yessirrrr), bacon, and cheddar cheese. But sometimes simple is all you need. If you want to get fancy, I’d pair it with a pomegranate mimosa!

I think their patio is fantastic, but during our last visit we sat in the library ❤️ The best part of the library is this fantastic painting that I couldn’t stop staring at. We have a lot of theories about what’s going on and what they’re both thinking…

And there ya have it, my three favorite spots for shrimp and grits in Charleston! I’m sure there are a ton of opinions on who has the best, and there are probably lots of places I’ve missed. I’d love to know who you think has the best!


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