Rock ‘n Roll DC Half Marathon – the race

I am now officially in half marathon retirement. I swore that this would be my last one, but it was actually enjoyable so who knows what the future holds.

But then I think about training, and I’m quite positive that this was my last half.

This was definitely the easiest city to navigate in terms of getting to the expo and the race (thank you, Metro!). After we checked in to the hotel and grabbed some coffee and doughnuts, we headed to the expo to pick up our packets and swag.

Check out this sweet swag!

We picked up some pretty good samples, but we were sad that PowerBar wasn’t there. I usually end up with enough bars from them after the race that I have what I refer to as “emergency breakfast” for several months!

Toyota, as always, had a great station that offered iron-ons for your shirts! I chose “I run for cupcakes” and my sister got “I run for tacos.” We like to eat, and that’s really the only reason why we run. 

On Saturday morning we seriously debated not even going to the race because it was so cold. The high for the day was only supposed to reach the low 40s and during race time it was expected to reach the low 30s. Gross. I hate the cold weather, but my biggest concern was the wind.

We finally dragged ourselves out of bed and made several pacts: 1) if we got outside and couldn’t stand it, we wouldn’t even go; 2) we’d go and run about six miles, find the closest metro station and come back to the hotel; or 3) we’d just run the dang thing.

So cute and stylish!

We did it.

It really was a beautiful day for a run, minus that whole frigid temperature thing. We’ve done enough Rock ‘n Roll races to know that our corrals take forever to get to the starting line, so we managed to arrive right when mine was leaving. No waiting in the cold!

I didn’t train AT ALL for this race, but it’s amazing what adrenaline can do. I managed to run six miles (and would’ve kept going except for the massive hill [see below] we hit on mile six – everybody who said this was a flat course is a liar). Since I also didn’t care about my time, it was nice to actually look around and enjoy the scenery. The picture above was early on in the race and the photo doesn’t do the skyline and bridge justice.

The only beautiful thing about this hill were the service members holding American flags.

After mile six I figured I would walk a mile, run a mile until I finished. I even got hot enough to take my coat off!

The other thing that made this race so much fun were the signs! I laughed so hard at some of the snarky things people were holding! The girl in the picture below showed up around mile seven.

If you’ve run the Rock ‘n Roll DC half or marathon, what were your favorite (or least favorite) things about it? Are there other races in the area that you love?


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