A Year and a Few Months Later…

Those of you who can blog while also working a full-time job are amazing. School got started last year, and I had zero time to do anything. This year has been even busier, but hopefully I can re-start my blogging and not go another year ignoring it.

Last weekend my little town got pretty torn up by Hurricane Matthew. None of us expected to be hit so hard (we’re 1.5 hours from the coast), but Lumberton and its people are really struggling. The power is still out in many places, water was restored in some areas yesterday with limited pressure and essentials-only use, and so many homes were destroyed. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t driven through it and saw the houses swallowed up by water.

The boyfriend got me tickets to the Virginia Tech/UNC game for my birthday, so we were in Chapel Hill the day the hurricane hit Lumberton so hard.


Leave it to my Hokies to thump a ranked team and then lose to a bad one. 

I thought it was a stupid decision, but it ended up being the best thing we could’ve done. And a trip to the Cheesecake Factory is never a bad choice (mac ‘n cheese burger? Yes, please!).


Yes, that’s a giant fried ball of mac ‘n cheese on that burger. #noregrets

Up next? A recap of my Disney World trip!




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