Travelin’ Tuesday – Charleston

Like most people, I love Charleston, South Carolina. Luckily for me, I have family there, and my sister (I’ll refer to her as  “E”) just moved there this summer (lucky dog!), so I have plenty of reasons to visit. After getting my sister settled, I stuck around for about a month (a huge advantage to teaching at a college) and gained plenty of weight trying out all the food stops. I regret nothing.


One of the great places we tried was 82 Queen. We’d had our brunch eyes on this cute little place, so after church one Sunday, we headed down to the historic French Quarter.

The hostess took us straight to a little wrought-iron table in the courtyard where we enjoyed the shade from the trees, being serenaded by the birds, and a pomegranate mimosa. Our waitress was beyond fantastic, incredibly sweet, and steered E in the direction of the pork trio pancakes (<– Three types of pork + pancakes. Let’s just take a minute to embrace the glory of that), which was an excellent decision.

IMG_2531I had been craving shrimp and grits, so the barbeque shrimp and grits were a no-brainer. I was also happy to help myself to two biscuits that were provided. We left happy, full, a little sweaty, and ready for an afternoon nap.


I am not being sponsored or paid for writing about this restaurant. However, I’d be happy to take a gift card off your hands, 82 Queen, if you’re trying to get rid of them 😉IMG_2530 

82 Queen had great food and beautiful atmosphere, so I highly recommend that you add it to your Charleston to-do list!

I’d love to hear suggestions for where you love to eat in the Holy City!

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